10 Thrilling Mystery & Detective Games for Kids

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Choosing a perfect game for kids is like a dream come true. While indoor games usually involve intellectual aptitude and mental practice, outdoor games emphasize more on physical exercise. For example, the mystery rooms in Bangalore are fantastic examples of sound meddling from both perspectives.

So, why not choose such games that blend both things? So, we are listing 10 thrilling mystery and detective games below that your kids will love tremendously.

1. Secret Message:  

To play this game, you can hide a secret message on paper by writing it with invisible ink. Now the fun part begins here, as you can pick any themes and fun topics to write on the paper. It could be a hilarious joke, did you know facts, a well-known dialogue of a popular character, or creative quizzes.  

2. DIY Mystery games: 

You can also create your DIY detective game for your kids to enjoy at home. Finding a lost toy, teddy bear, or a surprise you bought for your kid could be a mission. Let the children. Such recreational games will help you bond with your kids by helping them use their wits and creativity to find the mysterious hidden item through the clues and messages you have left behind. 

3. I-Spy:

I-Spy is a thrilling multiple-player game that your kids will love to play. Here, you can get the team to choose a finder. Then the rest of the children will locate a place to hide. The finder has to see each player. The first one to be found will be the next finder, but they must find all the hiding players as only the next round begins, and the first caught person will get to be the next finder.  

4. Beach Detective:

It is the perfect combo of outdoor and mystery games. To play this game, you can take your kids for an outing on a nearby beach, hide things like toys, and create a map to locate them (you can design it to resemble a treasure map with the hidden object marked as X). You can also keep a reward for each finding to give the children a surprise.  

5. Escape Room Game:

Escape rooms are another fantastic detective and mystery game that your kids can enjoy. In this game, they have to search for clues and solve puzzles to find their way out of a locked room within a limited time. Perfect for building their soft skills and increasing their memory and concentration, you’ll be surprised to see them ask for another round after winning one!  

6. Mystery Board Game:

Mystery board games are one of the best indoor games to keep your children busy creatively. They get to complete missions, think like their favorite characters, compete with other players, and think outside the box while playing these games. You can pick one from the various kid-friendly board games available in the market. 

7. Detective Theme Party and game: 

It can be a surprise game for your kids and their team when they have a tea party or get-together. Show it to be a party and announce that some of their toys are missing. Then plan a play around and let them work in groups to find them before the time runs out. And to add in a bit of spark, you can make the children participate in a friendly competition by announcing a prize for the winner who finds all the toys first.   

8. Family detective games:

Family detective games are the best family pass time. You can use these board games to awaken the detective in your kid and help them bond with you and get away from their TV screens, tabs, computers, and mobiles. 

9. Online Detective Video game:  

Online detective video games are another engaging mystery game you can provide your kids. But do so under controlled screen time to prevent gaming addiction or side effects of staying on screen for too long.  

10. In-house detective: 

You can use your home to create a crime scene of the robbery and ask your kids to collect the evidence and find the robber. Narrate a plot and set a time limit in the game to add more thrill and dimension to it. And when the children succeed in finding the culprit, reward them for their exceptional performance.   


So, these are a few games that will help your kids enjoy the thrill of solving puzzles and cracking clues. You can throw in your twists to make them more memorable and fun-filled for your little ones. And now, it’s your turn to show them how awesome and cool a parent you are by helping them enjoy being a detective and saving the day as a hero.

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