5 Apps That Help You Find Lifelong Friends

262 times! That’s how many times in a day people look at their phones, as reported by Buildfire. And 88 percent of this mobile time is spent on apps.

Messaging and social apps take up a significant chunk of the app market of the various categories of apps out there. For starters, as per Statista, communication apps have one of the highest penetration rates in Android users, with 99.93 percent. Social media apps trail close behind with 95.02 percent.

Such apps can be a great medium to find lifelong friends. They allow you to step out of your comfort zone and converse with people you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to meet. Here are the top five apps of 2022 that help you find lifelong friends.

  1. Hey! Vina

Many consider Hey! Vina to be equivalent to Tinder, but for finding platonic girlfriends. The app is designed for women who are looking for other women to mingle with. The aim of the app, as per its founders, is to empower women and build lasting bonds between them through shared experiences.

Just like Tinder, to make friends on the app, you need to either swipe right or left. Additionally, you can also join various communities which are relevant to your interests. There are also various cool quizzes that you can take for fun. Also, you can read inspiring articles by other women.

You may also take quizzes and read articles about how to live your best life as an independent yet reliable woman. In collaboration with Tinder, the social app has recently been quite the rage, with several magazines, including the New York Times and Cosmopolitan, writing features.

  1. AirG – meet new friends

Apart from the mainstream social media apps that connect millions of people, there are various new apps that are making a name for themselves. One of them includes AirG – meet new friends.

If you glance at the AirG reviews AppGroves has, you will notice that there is an abundance of people sharing their positive experiences with the app. The solution provider has taken into consideration the different feedbacks that users had given previously to fix prevalent bugs and provide a transparent service.

The app is ideal for meeting new people since it has a subscriber base of over 100 million people. These people are not limited to one country or continent but are spread around the world. So, just because a like-minded individual is not in proximity to you doesn’t mean you can’t connect with them.

The networking app is just as useful for making romantic advances as it is for forming platonic friendships. You get to decide how you wish to use the app. You can use the filter option within the app to sift through people by reference to age, location, sex, and other metrics.

  1. Meetup

Are you an introvert who hates one-on-one interactions right off the bat? Do you hate breaking the ice but make lifelong friends after you have connected with them? It turns out there are socializing apps for such personalities as well!

One excellent option is Meetup. This app makes use of community settings like group activities and workshops to bring together people who have similar interests and hobbies. This way, you can let go of the pressure of making an impression and let conversations flow naturally as a group before you form connections individually.

  1. Bumble BFF

Bumble has already gained quite a lot of popularity among women who are looking for a safe dating experience. This is because it is among the few apps that give the power to the women to choose who gets to talk to them, thereby filtering a lot of creepy messages.

Bumble has since extended its offering to include a friendship app called Bumble BFF. The premise of this app is the same. You also have to swipe right to the profiles you like. However, here anyone can make the first move. The only difference is that it is meant for forming friendships rather than relationships.

To use the app’s features, all you have to do is enter your details, including your bio, location, and interests. Then, you will be offered potential friends to connect to. Swipe right on those you feel can become your friends. Then, choose to talk to them via the app or meet up in person.

  1. Atleto

Exercising with friends makes the activity much more pleasant than it is. In fact, having a workout buddy can reduce your chances of bailing on leg day since you will have the motivation to see them and the responsibility to not abandon them.

This is probably the vision behind Atleto, which brings different athletic individuals together under the umbrella of #SportsTogether.

You can think of the app like Tinder and Meetup’s child. You begin by choosing from over 40 available sports communities. If you can’t find your favorite sport in the mix, you can create a new group or host your own events.

Once you have found people with similar motivation as yours, you can begin sweating it out with them in person. You can also choose to converse with them on topics that interest you all on the platform to first form a healthy bond before assigning them the role of your “exercise buddy.”

This app is quite popular among students since it is supported by various top-tier universities like Manhattan College, Northeastern University, and Stony Brook University.

Ending Remarks

Now that the world is slowly recovering from the effects of the ongoing pandemic, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the idea of stepping out and making new friends. After all, it has been over two years since we did things like this!

Using socializing apps like the five mentioned above can be a great way to overcome the hesitation since it is less intimidating to form connections behind a screen than to meet someone face-to-face right from the beginning.

So, use these apps to your advantage and begin your journey of making lifelong friends!

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