5 Lessons Learned in the Escape Room that You Can Apply in Your Everyday Life

The experiences we gather throughout our lives are reflected in how we choose to live our life. As human beings, we learn important life lessons in everything we do, and escape room games are no exception.

Breakout or escape rooms are themed rooms where the players choose to voluntarily lock themselves in with a mission to escape within 60 minutes. In order to get to the final escape door, the players need to uncover clues, solve riddles, and connect puzzles to get the full story that the game is based on!

Escape Rooms are really popular these days, both among adults and children. One of the reasons for this rising popularity is how the lessons we learn in these escape room games align perfectly with everyday life skills. Even you may have fallen into the rabbit hole and searched up escape rooms near me while browsing the internet.

An escape room game is an exercise for our brain. We are meant to use our critical and cognitive abilities to their full extent. For an hour, we can forget our real-life problems and concentrate on solving the problems inside the room. These are not just exciting games, but we also end up learning valuable lessons. Here are 5 everyday life lessons we can learn in an Escape Room.

Teamwork is the key to success:

Escape room games are played with a team. It is only through team effort that we can break out of the escape room. In a team, the work gets divided, and everyone offers their unique perspective. This makes the escape quicker. So, we learn that teamwork is the key to success in an escape room and in our everyday lives.

Good Communication Skills:

Communication is key to any kind of relationship. But we often face difficulties while communicating with others. We need to communicate well with our team members in escape rooms to succeed. We must interact well and discuss possible outcomes in order to avoid miscommunication while playing the game. This is the way to achieve success. Communication is an important life skill, and escape rooms help us sharpen this skill. 

Logic and Reasoning:

Escape room games challenge us to use our critical thinking abilities. Problem-solving is an important aspect of escape room games. It will mean playing with a good team unless we use our logical and reasoning skills. This is the same in real life. We must carefully act on our logic and reasoning to navigate through life.

Time Management is Everything:

Riddler’s Escape room games are time-sensitive games. You are basically racing against the clock to escape the room within an hour. We must do everything to make it out of the room within the allotted time. In real life, we must always be wary of ticking time. We must not break under such pressure but try to manage our time so that it does not hinder the balance of life. Escape rooms teach us how to manage our time well, and it is one of the most important skills we should have in real life. 

Enjoy the moment:

Even though escape rooms teach us a lot of everyday life lessons, we must always remember to enjoy the game. All the everyday skills will have all the more impact if we remember how exciting and fun the escape room game was for us. After all, the core purpose escape rooms serve is that of recreational activity. The everyday life lessons are just an added but much-needed incentive.

Summing Up

Escape rooms are not only fun and exciting, but they also come with educational properties. Hiding beneath the unassuming, fun appearance of the games lies challenges that prepare us to battle everyday life. And as long as you are able to read between the lines, you will walk out of every escape room game with a new lesson learned.

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