5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Home Mats

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Floor mats have become such an essential part of our home décor that we mostly forget the purpose of floor mats. However, these floor mats set out vital goal in our homes and offices. Entrance mats keep our place clean by preventing dirt and soil from entering our homes and commercial buildings.

Other than being a dust stopper, floor mats keep you safe from accidents or slips by making smooth, wet, and slippery areas less slippery. 

In our homes, we use mats in certain areas like the entrance door, bathrooms, pools, kitchen, and balcony as well. These mats not just keep our homes clean and save us from accidents but also gives a welcoming gesture when someone enters the home. However, walking in your home or office, you may ignore your floor mat, so it is a little tricky to decide when to replace your door mats.

As floor mats absorb dirt and prevent it from entering the place, it is necessary to replace your floor mat after using it for a long time for the health of the people in its surroundings. There are some signs that show when the mats need to be replaced. Now, let’s discuss some signs so that you can monitor the mat decay, and that will help you to decide when the correct time is to

replace your home or office mats.

1. Enough Time Has Passed Using a Floor Mat

While using a mat, we must check for signs of aging. Mostly the rubber mat’s lifetime is one year for a place with heavy-duty use. For example, a place with heavy foot traffic, like commercial buildings or places where mats are mostly wet, like entrance or bathrooms, pools, has mostly a year usage capacity.

2. Mats Slips and Slides

When the mat becomes damaged, it loses its non-slip adhesion or grip. Then mat may

slide when someone walks over the mat. So, it could lead to accidents because sometimes we walk carelessly or run in negligence, and if the mat has started losing its non-slip traction, we may fall and get injured. So, to reduce the chances of slipping on a slick or wet floor, it’s better to replace a mat to save yourself from serious injuries and before facing any slips or falls. There are many business companies that sell mats of a very good quality that prevents the chances of slipping on the floor. 

3. Chipped and Curling Edges 

The moisture beyond the doors can lead to floor mat decay. The entrance mats perform the main function of preventing the moisture and dirt from the soles of shoes from entering the home or a commercial building. 70 to 75 percent of the dirt is removed from the soles with the help of a floor mat and keep it in one place, making cleaning easy. Thus, the moisture, dirt, and dust absorbed from the soles of the shoe can decay and fade the door mats, and the edges of the mats may become chipped, the surface may become shabby, and your door mat may not be performing its function as it is supposed to be. Thus, the mats look worn, shabby, and tired.

4. Becomes Uncomfortable

Anti-Fatigue mats are mainly made to ensure comfort for people working for long hours standing or walking. Therefore, if your mat is no longer giving you the comfort for which it is designed, then it is the best time you should call a mat supplier and change your anti-fatigue mat so that your feet can get the comfort. 

5. Dirt under the mats

Scrapper mats are made to confine dirt and dust from the soles of the shoes and protect the underneath area of the floor. But if you still see dirt underneath the floor mat even after daily base cleaning, then it means that your floor mat is no longer performing its function properly, and you need to replace the mat.

Bottom Line

No one likes to get in trouble, but nowadays, we are so busy with daily activities that we forget to check the condition of the floor mats in our homes and offices. Injuries and fractures from slipping and falling from wet floors are far from our minds as we are busy with daily activities, but when these accidents occur, they affect our everyday life routine very badly and have a severe impact on our lives. 

Therefore, we must pay attention to the floor mats in our surroundings to protect ourselves from accidents and from getting in trouble. We must replace the mats before facing any falls or slips. So, for this, we must check for signs like if your floor mat has lost non-slip traction or if your door mat has become shabby, worn, or tired; you must replace it before you get in trouble.

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