5 Skills Modern Hunters are Lacking

Modern hunters

Introductory Summary

Modern hunters can rely too heavily on new technology, which can backfire. We can keep up with the times but include old-school basics such as durable clothing, boots, and lures. Unique and improved ways of using our weapons, finding our locations, and luring our prey are excellent choices. We should also have a backup plan, including practicing patience and roughing it in the woods, just like past hunters.

Back in the day, hunting was about being one with nature. Spending extended periods of time in the wild required grit, endurance, and a bit of bushcraft, especially on trips that last multiple days.

But times have changed. New technological advancements in gear and weaponry have made hunting easier — but instead of supplementing a hunter’s learned skills, they’ve replaced them. Modern hunters end up lacking in certain areas where hunters before them excelled.

But even the highest quality electronics can fail, especially in the wild — and when a hunter has become dependent on them, what do they do?

Fortunately, there are ways to improve modern hunting with five essential skills that seem to be lacking:

1. Using Tried-and-True Clothing

When it comes to activewear and camouflage clothing, there have been some amazing innovations. Anti-itch clothes make trekking through woods easy, along with premium fibers that feel much softer on the skin, are well-insulated, are waterproof, and look good — all at the same time.

But these can get pretty expensive. Though brands market these new clothing options as necessary, they really aren’t. Hunters have done just fine without them for thousands of years.

In general, older and natural solutions have fallen out of favor. For example, merino wool. Durable, insulated, breathable, and lightweight, this material has been renowned for centuries.

There’s also the classic flannel. These thick, durable shirts are well suited for treks through the woods, protecting hunters from branches, bugs, and dirt.

The modern hunter doesn’t need much more than these. You can function in the wild just fine without the newest techwear.

2. Proper Aim

Thanks to new technology, we now have a new way to see our prey using optics.

Our current advancement provides crystal-clear images brought right to us through zoom features, which allows for accurate shooting. But what would happen if the optics broke?

Whether your weapon of choice is the bow and arrow or the high-powered rifle, modern hunters can take a page out of our history books by relying on good old-fashioned breathing steady, holding the weapon still, and making the best shot possible.

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3. Lacking Navigational Skills

In the past, hunters used maps, compasses, and even the stars to navigate their hunting terrain. In the modern world, however, GPS has become a fixture in outdoor packs — and some even omit maps and compasses entirely.

There’s no doubt that the GPS is a fantastic piece of technology. Still, batteries die, and being in the perfect area for full satellite functionality can be a challenge, especially in the deeper wooded areas.

Bring old-school devices such as the ever-trusted map and compass along, especially for unexpected situations. There are too many stories of hunters and hikers getting hopelessly turned around in the woods. Don’t be one of them!

4. Attracting Prey

Choosing the right lure through sound is an easy and effective way to bring prey closer to your blind. Our modern hunters can now use e-callers instead of learning to make the calls themselves or bringing a historic prey-calling device.

E-callers come with a wide range of sounds to fit every hunter’s needs, and can even include movement sounds for our prey to hear, making it appear more authentic.

However, like with GPS, electronics can malfunction and batteries can die. Don’t be reliant on that. Plus, by learning how to make animal calls that sound authentic, you can take pride in taking down your prey yourself — without the help of a recording on a speaker.

5. Patience and Grit

Using our cell phones constantly has become a normal part of our lives. We’re always entertained and stimulated, to the point that it’s difficult for us to be still and patient, which is essential for the successful hunter.

Moreover, they bring us a degree of comfort. A trip into the woods becomes less of an experience in nature and more of a home away from home when you can listen to music or watch videos on your phone. And with all the innovations in clothing, modern hunters experience a level of comfort in the wild none of their predecessors even imagined.

Hunting is more than just bringing down game. Hunters were renowned for their grit and thriving in the wilderness. Modern hunters should be able to do that, and succeed through it.

Embrace Tradition

Modern technology is truly unique, but when it comes to hunting, it can sometimes be beneficial to include old-school methods. No matter how good something may be, it can break, malfunction, or may simply not be necessary, so it is imperative to have another option available during your hunt.

Hunting with guns or bows and arrows all requires comfortable clothing, specific location skills, the ability to lure your prey, patience, and a high level of resolve.

Combining new-age technology with old-school fundamentals is the hunter’s ultimate equation for a bull’s eye every time.

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