5 Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Protected from Rain

Outdoor Furniture

In the summers, an extravagant outdoor living area that is well-decorated with outdoor furniture for the changing seasons will serve as a great retreat.

It is a great place to spend time indulging in the warm weather. For some people, it can be their favorite spot because of the fun and relaxing atmosphere.

But what about those days when it rains? The last thing you want to happen is for a storm to hit, and your outdoor furniture fades or starts to rot! Here are five tips to avoid these tragedies that will help protect your outdoor furniture from rain during storms.

1. Add a Sealer

A sealer is a transparent, thick film that protects the surface of your outdoor furniture from the rain. Sealers can be sprayed on or applied with a brush to protect your furniture against rain.

Different types of sealers are available; however, depending on your furniture, you may have to use the sealer several times to get satisfactory results.

Depending on how many coatings are used, varnish or urethane can last up to three years, although it does take more time. Epoxy is the most resilient but requires the most outstanding work.

The sealer acts as a barrier that prevents the “wet surface” effect when water droplets are displaced on a surface and form tiny beads of moisture. Hence water is unable to get absorbed into the fabric of your furniture.

2. Varnishing the Furniture for Outdoor Use

Varnish is a great option to protect the furniture you already own and make it last longer. Varnish helps protect your furniture against water, mildew, and other stains.

Since varnish is an oil-based substance, if you have wood furniture on which you plan to apply it, you should first have them sanded down for varnish to adhere properly. After that, you can use a brush or a sprayer, depending on the desired result.

Varnish is the best substitute for sealing/painting your furniture, but it also can be a hassle to work with because it needs several coats, unlike sealers. Depending on how much protection one wants the more coats, the better.

3. Reseal or Paint the Furniture

If you want to repaint or reseal your existing furniture, you will be free from any pre-treatment procedures. In this case, you should sand down the furniture beforehand for the surface of your furniture to become smooth enough for the paint to adhere properly.

You should apply the paint or varnish as you like. It is probably the easier option if you want to provide quick protection to your furniture.

4. Moving Your Furniture

If you have an indoor space where you could temporarily store your furniture if a storm happens, that might be the best option. Such rooms as basements provide a lot of protection against moisture and humidity.

It is considered the preferred way to protect your furniture. However, if you do not have a basement or extra storage space, you can try moving it to the garage/shed for a few days until the storm passes.

Apart from moving furniture, you can also form a canopy to cover them. You can do this, perhaps by positioning chairs, tables, or anything lightweight and sturdy. However, make sure that your furniture does not have any exposed joints.

5. Use Covers

Covers are physical barriers that keep the rain from reaching your furniture. They can be made of materials such as old blankets and tarps.

However, if you use covers, they should not be very thick. Otherwise, they will become too heavy to haul around when it rains. Another problem is that plastic covers can also become heavy and cause problems when moving them around.

The best option is to put down waterproof tarps made of solid vinyl material under any piece of furniture you want to protect from the rain.

To allow unrestricted airflow, you must leave space between the tarp and the ground when you cover your furniture.


Keeping your outdoor furniture protected from rain is easy if you’re prepared for the condition. You can now enjoy your outdoor living space without worrying about ruined furniture.

In addition, using sealers, paints and varnishes will protect your furniture from the rain and help prolong its life. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor living space for much longer than you thought possible.

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