5 Ways to Add Personality to Your Kitchen

wool felt trivets

There’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal. Even if you love to order take-out all the time, it doesn’t quite compare to the joy of making a meal at home. Whether you’re using the microwave to reheat take-out or firing up the stove to prepare a gourmet meal, it’s nice when your kitchen can reflect your personality. If you’re interested in infusing sweet signs of your taste throughout your kitchen, consider the following tips.

1. Make Your Workstations Comfortable

A kitchen shouldn’t ever feel stiff, cold, and dark. In fact, when you’re cooking, you need to see clearly and feel comfortable. There are two ways to approach this. Start by making sure the lighting is adequate. Swap out the standard fluorescent lights in order to hang soft options. There are three stations you need to focus on the most. Your refrigerator, stove, and countertop workstation need to be illuminated well. Furthermore, those areas need to feel good too. A great way to improve the comfort involves adding plush floor mats in each area. When you’re standing for long periods of time, make it feel comfortable by adding the right support for the feet.

2. Infuse Color

Even if you love a good monochromatic theme, there’s something really cool about infusing some pops of color into your environment. There are many ways you can infuse pops of color through your kitchen decor. If your favorite color is lime-green, look for a lime-green kettle you can use each day. If you love bright, fun colors, look for wool felt trivets that reflect that interest. When you pull those trivets out of one of the kitchen drawers, they’ll serve as such a fun contrast to the monochromatic look of your decor.

3. Pick One or Two Favorite Things

Look to create a cohesive theme in your kitchen. A great way to create a theme is by picking one or two of your favorite things. If you’re a music lover, you might want to purchase hand towels that feature music notes. Purchase some sheet music that you can put in a picture frame. Depending on how much space you have in the kitchen, install some speakers so you can play music in the kitchen as you cook. You can take any theme as literally as you’d like. If you love all things related to cows, look for kitchen mats and towels in cow print. Look for ceramic cookie jars in the shape of a cow.

4. Consider Unique Appliances

Nowadays, stainless steel appliances are really popular. While the sleek appeal is really nice, consider branching out to try different options. Look for vintage refrigerators instead of the standard options. If you’re looking for a good air fryer, choose an option that comes with a variety of settings and uses. If you have one of those beautifully colorful electric mixers, display it on the countertop. When you and your family members are big fans of popcorn, a classic popcorn machine can be a really fun yet useful appliance. It showcases your love of popcorn and the playful personalities in your household.

5. Add Fresh Flowers or Plants

When you visit the grocery store to pick up some groceries, stop by the floral section to get a bouquet of flowers. Put flowers on your grocery list each week so that you can always keep fresh ones in the house. Fresh flowers brighten up the look of a kitchen. Even if you opt for a bunch of carnations or baby’s breath, fresh flowers elevate the appeal of a home. If you’d like to develop a green thumb, purchase an indoor plant that you can set up in the kitchen. If you don’t have a green thumb, hope isn’t lost. The key is that you’ll need to invest in a low-maintenance option. Once you’ve found the right plant and size for your kitchen, purchase a fun planter that comes in a color that reflects your personal style or the theme of the kitchen decor.


As you work toward making your kitchen more reflective of your personality, don’t try to rush and decorate it all in one afternoon. If you really want it to reflect you, take your time to plan everything out. Create a vision board, and search for the right pieces. Once it all comes together, you’ll be immensely satisfied.

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