7 Geeky Adventures to Elevate Your Coolness Quotient Among Friends

Geeky Adventures

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“Geeky” adventures are nerdy activities that only certain people can appreciate. Are you one of them? The signs include liking museum tours, role-playing games (RPGs), anime, or loudly arguing with your friends about esoteric topics like accessibility issues in Ancient Egypt, for example. If any of those things sound interesting, then you may find these seven adventure ideas perfect. 

Paranormal Investigation

You’ll need an audio recording device, a journal, a flashlight (for nighttime), a camera, a location, and time. Chances are, your smartphone will have all the necessary apps, but it doesn’t hurt to buy dedicated equipment. 

It shouldn’t be hard to find a location near you with a supernatural or ghostly legend attached to it. Plan your trip, record everything, and review it afterward. Combining a road trip adventure with this activity can be extra fun. 

Search online for ghost-hunting tips and how-tos. 

Society For Creative Anachronism

The Society For Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a group of dedicated role players who describe themselves as individuals who are interested in recreating an immersive environment based on historical or fictional societies. SCA groups may be dedicated to specific historical periods, role-playing games, or fantasy and science fiction franchises. 

SCA groups may advertise meetups on library bulletin boards, in newspapers, and online.

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Fantasy Feast

Pick the cuisine from a historical period or a fantasy or sci-fi program, and create a themed dinner party. Some major properties, like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, for example, may have recipe collections online. For others, you’ll have to do some digging. This adventure combines research, a quest for ingredients (or mock ingredients), and cooking.

Star Gazing & UFO Hunting

With a little research, you can find the next celestial event observable in your area. Some things, like eclipse watching, don’t require much in the way of special tools or equipment. For others, like planetary observation, you may need to travel to a viewing location that is away from city lights and obtain a telescope. If you choose to purchase a telescope, get one that can take photographs so you can show them to envious friends. 

UFO hunting can be done during the day or night with the naked eye or binoculars. 

Special Conventions and Expositions

Conventions that showcase pop culture, RPGs, anime, toys, card games, comics, movies, television shows, video games, consumer electronics, and similar topics are perfect. Attending can be an adventure if you’re alone (bring back souvenirs for friends), and if you are with friends, you might try a scavenger hunt for photo ops, freebies, or anything else that is appropriate. 


Cosplay is a form of fantasy role-playing. Many cosplayers make costumes from everyday objects and repurposed gadgets. An inexpensive Halloween LED pumpkin kit, for example, can yield a battery-powered light module, and a broken drone may offer usable remote control parts. The parts you need will depend on the character you want to cosplay. After spending time creating a great costume, you may want to attend a cosplay convention. 

Museum/Planetarium/Observatory Tours

All of these locations offer opportunities for geeky adventures. 

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Self-guided tours give you maximum flexibility. Depending on the number of destinations in your area, you could make it a contest among friends to see who can see them all first, spend the least amount of money during each visit, or fetch the best gifts and coolest souvenirs. 

Adventures Enrich Your Life

These adventures will almost certainly give you some interesting things to talk about that like-minded friends will appreciate. Whether or not they give you the cool cred you’re looking for is another thing, of course, but they can all be great fun even if they fail to make you cooler in the eyes of your geeky friends. 

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