7 Tips for Making Relaxing Herbal Bath Bombs at Home

Herbal Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs are a great way to upgrade your bath experience, adding a little luxury with their soothing aroma and calming bubbles. If you love bath bombs as much as we do, you should make your own at-home versions. Making your own bath bombs allows you to customize the experience, using only natural ingredients to avoid any potentially irritating additives. You can also elevate the experience by adding your favorite herbal remedies, such as essential oils, cannabis or CBD, and Kratom, to help manage your mood.

There are dozens of bath bomb recipes out there, so a quick online search can get you started with a basic recipe. From there, you can add your favorite colors, scents, and supplements to get the right combination. However, there are a few tips to remember as you make your bath bombs to ensure you get the right blend of ingredients for your ideal experience.

1.  Pay attention to your ingredient ratios

As you customize your bath bombs, you’ll be adding additional wet and dry ingredients to a basic recipe. Pay attention to the ratio of wet to dry, as too many wet ingredients will cause your bath bomb to melt away as soon as you start to mold it. Too many dry ingredients will make it crumble before you can get anything together. Having a 2:1 dry-to-wet ratio is best, ensuring you have roughly twice as many dry ingredients as wet by volume.

2.  Sift your dry ingredients together

Sifting together your dry ingredients helps with clumping. If you have dry clumps, your bath bombs could get compacted dry spots or have visible clumps. By sifting dry ingredients together, you ensure everything is smooth and clump-free.

3.  Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients

It’s best to slowly pour your wet ingredients into your dry ingredients to ensure you have the right consistency. Add your combined wet ingredients a little bit at a time, stopping if you see things fizz or foam. You can always add more, but you can’t remove them! Ultimately, you want something with the consistency of damp sand: something you can clump together and hold its shape without being too wet.

4.  Use your hands

One of the best ways to ensure everything is thoroughly mixed is to get on some gloves and use your hands. Mixing with your hands allows you to find and eliminate clumps, making the consistency more even. Plus, you’ll be able to tell when you have the right consistency quickly – you’re ready once the mix feels like wet sand.


5.  Add natural supplements to help your mood

Beyond scents and colors, you can add natural supplements to help regulate your mood. Some of the most popular include CBD or cannabis and Kratom. CBD and cannabis have relaxing qualities while Kratom may help regulate mood when added to your bath bombs.

Both these supplements come in powder or oil, so you can choose which you’d prefer for your bath bombs. Just keep your wet-to-dry ratios in mind when making your purchase! If you use Kratom or CBD oil, use it sparingly to help with your proportions. You can purchase CBD or cannabis online, and you can buy Kratom online as well.

6.  Don’t let them sit in the mold too long

One of the biggest mistakes a newbie can make is letting the bath bombs sit in the mold too long. Although you want to give them time to condense and stay together, if you go too long, they can get stuck in the molds. The best thing to do is to allow your bath bombs to sit in your mold of choice for about an hour, then take them out and let them dry overnight. This method ensures they stay together but don’t dry to your molds.

7.  Don’t wait too long to enjoy them!

Once you’ve crafted your ideal bath bomb, you’ll surely want to make them last. The best way to keep them is in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. When stored properly, they can last for about six months. But don’t wait too long to enjoy them, or you’ll end up with a dried-out mess. If you’re gifting these hand-crafted herbal indulgences, make sure you write a “use by” date on your card!

With these tips, you’ll be a DIY bath bomb pro in no time! Whenever you or a loved one need some extra relaxation just whip up a batch and have some me-time.

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