A Brief Overview of Premium Apple Music

premium Apple Music

Music plays the best healing therapy to please our mind and soul. There is no spare time to sit and relax, enjoying music on gramophones or tape recorders in this high-tech era. People are always in a hurry, but music is irreplaceable and always holds on to our preferences.

Music player applications on our smartphones are the new normal. You can listen to your favorite melody while travelling, jogging, or doing other stuff. You can search for your favourite song and listen to it anytime, anywhere via music players. Moreover, they create customized playlists based on your past listening history.

There are a number of music players like Spotify, Wynk Music, Gaana and many more. However, the list of excellence remains incomplete if we do not mention premium Apple Music.

Apple Music 

Launched in 2015, Apple Music is designed to stream more than 90 million songs from the iCloud. Moreover, it airs 24hours of free radio stations across 160 countries. Other than free streaming of numerous songs, it also creates a library of your personalized purchased songs from iTunes.

Over the time Apple Music owned the hearts of millions of its users with its exceptional features. However, its broadened subscription strategy now comprises Apple Tv Plus and Apple One.

How to Navigate Apple Music? 

The app is redesigned for a better user experience now compared to the one when it was first launched in 2015. You can use it on devices with iOS, Mac and Android also. For Mac and iOS, it becomes the default music app once you install it. However, for Android, you have to go through the former iTunes experiences after you download it from Google Play Store.

The premium Apple Music greets you with the following categories after you install it:

  • Library

This section makes a collection of your personalized music; 

  • Your personal iTunes and iCloud music
  • Songs you saved on this application
  • Artist’s collections

You can save and customize your playlists in this section.

  • For You

Based on your previous browsing history, this category will let you discover new music of your kind. 

  • Browse

It also helps you discover new music in the following categories;

  • Top 100
  • New List
  • Featured Playlist
  • Radio

This section lets you experience the live streaming of 24 hours unlimited radio stations from more than 160 countries.

Devices that support Apple Music 

Here is the list of the devices that supports premium Apple music and the app store where you can download it from;

  • iOS devices

You can simply launch the app after updating the iOS

  • Apple TV

Default Music app

  • Apple Watch

The paired iPhone should be updated from the iPhone 5 or advanced.

  • PC

Should support the updated version of the latest iTunes

  • Mac

Should support the updated version of the latest iTunes

  • Android 

Download from Google Play Store

  • Sonos

Download from the Sonos app

  • Homepod

Its smart speaker is designed to support Apple Music

How does It Function?

It has a bunch of exclusive features, let us discuss a few of them here.

  • Search

You will find a search magnifying glass at the bottom right-hand corner; search your required genres, albums, songs and artist.

  • Use Siri

What could be the best use of voice optimization other than Siri? So, ask Siri to play songs according to your preference, and it will be loaded.

  • Play Music

On tapping the play button of any playlist or an individual song, a mini player will appear at the bottom. On clicking the Mini Player, you will find the Now Playing screen with multiple options.

  • Build Library

After searching for a song, you can click on the “+” icon and add it to your preferable playlist.

  • Share Music

You can simply tap the share button on any song and share it with your favourite person via e-mail, message, Facebook, and other platforms.

Apple Music TV

By browsing the Apple Music app or Apple TV app, you can access the Apple Music TV. It is not the same as premium Apple Music; instead, it is a music video channel. You can stream both live and online popular music videos for 24 hours for free on Apple Music TV. 

Original Apple music content, such as concerts and interviews of celebrities and pop stars, is premiered on this TV. 

Moreover, it premieres new videos at every Friday noon.


Many alternative music players offer both free and premium versions to choose from. However, you can listen to online music in the free version, but you have to opt for the premium one to save it for offline. Here is the list of alternative music players:

  • Spotify
  • YouTube Music
  • Tidal
  • Amazon Music Unlimited


You can always opt for a premium Apple Music subscription for more customized features and services. It is one of the best-rated music apps in the world that cater to a music lover’s needs in all aspects with spontaneous melody, romance, sad, classic and pop numbers. Just plug in your earphones and be mesmerized by the melody.

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