Amazing Tips To Setup Linksys WRT1900ACS Router As a Media Server

The Linksys WRT1900ACS Router is a dual band wireless router that provides a compelling speed of 1.9GBps with both 2.4GHz and 5GJHz frequency bands. The 1.6GHz CPU processor allows you to surf the gaming and streaming movies, Live TV shows, etc without any buffering. The four high gain antennas are capable of spreading the wireless network coverage over a broad area.

It comes with wireless AC technology which is much swifter than N wireless technology. Because of its unique design, it gives an attractive look to your building. The 512MB inbuilt ram boosts the memory of the device and provides a smooth and stable gaming experience. The beamforming technology boosts the speed of a particular device with a slow network connection after connecting with the router. 

The USB port on its back offers you to add extra devices such as storage devices, though you can share files and documents in a fast and secure way. You can complete the setup operation just by visiting its official website. However, app management control also offers you to do the setup using its app. Now we are gonna explain the operation to set up shared folders and authorized users. 

To Setup Authorised Users and Shared Folders For Linksys WRT1900ACS Router

To enable access to the shared folders, follow the operation mentioned below.

Login to the Linksys device by typing myrouter.local in the browser. After successful login, choose Smart WiFi tools and then hit the External Storage option. Now you will see the Folder Access option. ON the Secure Folder Access option by clicking on it.

Type name and passcode in the Authorised list section. Choose the permission you want to provide for the particular user. And then choose the Share option. By clicking the Share option, you can give a name to the folder. Tick the empty box you have already given the name to the folder and click OK. But if you are creating a shared folder for the first time, then follow these steps.

Create New Shared Folder

Firstly, click on the + icon to create a fresh share. The Create New Share window will open. Secondly, choose the folder from the list you wish to share. Clicking the right arrow icon beside the folder will allow you to view the subfolder. Type the name to the shared folder and then click OK. Now we are gonna tell you the brief steps to set up your Linksys device as a media player.

Tips To Setup Linksys WRT1900ACS Router As a Media Server

Setting up your Linksys device as a media player is simple. It will allow you to share media files such as photos, videos, music, etc. If you attach the USB driver, it can act as a media player. It gives you entertainment as well as a compelling internet experience.

Before setting up your device as a media folder, select the folder from which you are willing to enjoy the media. Afterwards, you can now move to the operation of setting the Linksys device as a media server.

Firstly, login into your Linksys device by filling in the details. Choose Smart WiFi tools and then External storage. From the list of the above tabs, choose Media server. Now hit the toggle icon to enable the media server by turning it on.

Click on the Add New Folder option and type the name according to your wish. Choose the back icon beside the shared folder to move to the parental control feature. Setting up the prenatal control will allow you to block or allow the media. Hit the Ok option. 

Review On  Linksys WRT1900ACS Router

Using this device for the past 3 months, working pretty well in the first month. After that, the connection was not stable. It shows that the connection is not stable after disconnecting automatically. Then I reset the device and it works. Setup is so easy.

You can create a guest network, especially for unknown users. The fast CPU processor and high gain external antennas boost the signal coverage and provide a stable and fast wireless network connection. You can easily complete the setup using the app and web interface. By installing the app on your mobile device, you can manage or control the device in just a tap from anywhere.

The speed and coverage of this device are impressive. It disconnects sometimes in the second month of purchase, But after updating the firmware, it solves all the issues. Overall, a useful and most compelling device at this price. I suggest all the buyers purchase this device.

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