An Ultimate Guide on Hiring WordPress Developers

Hiring WordPress Developers

If you wish to create a website but need more expertise, you should hire a WordPress developer. Knowing where to begin or where to go for reliable experts can take time and effort.

You can take the help of a lot of our advice to simplify things. These will enable you to entrust your website to a knowledgeable professional who can meet your particular requirements.

We’ll go over an ultimate guide on Hiring WordPress Developers. Additionally, we’ll give you a rundown of the top websites to search for seasoned web specialists and provide some crucial advice to assist you in selecting the ideal one for your company.

WordPress Developers: Freelancers or Full-Time

You have two significant alternatives when hiring a WordPress developer: full-time and freelancing.

Most of the time, hiring a freelancer makes more sense if you only need someone temporarily. Hiring freelance WordPress developers is frequently the best choice when you have a limited budget and know exactly what you need.

For instance, if you want a bespoke theme, you can work on a project-by-project basis with a WordPress theme developer.

The drawback of working with a freelance developer is that they almost certainly have other clients. They may be less likely to fit into your timetable and plan.

If your budget allows, consider hiring a full-time developer. Of course, choosing this will be more expensive.

On the other hand, hiring a full-time developer can be advantageous if you run a medium or large business and your website is your primary revenue source. When you work with a committed WordPress developer, you’ll have a dependable expert to call on for all of your website management and design requirements.

Types Of WordPress Developers

Understanding the many kinds of web experts is helpful whether you’re trying to figure out how to employ a WordPress developer or how to become one.

A WordPress developer is different from a website designer, despite the terms being frequently used interchangeably. Designers concentrate on the layouts and themes of websites, whereas developers deal with the technical aspects of managing websites, such as hosting servers.

Most WordPress developers are proficient in coding languages, including HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS3. Since PHP is the primary programming language used by WordPress, you must make sure the developer you employ is knowledgeable in this field.

Web developers can be classified into three categories:

WordPress Core Developers

These programmers primarily focus on the internal WordPress development software’s back-end functions. They write code to enhance the functioning of the WordPress platform.

WordPress Theme Developer

Theme developers create unique WordPress themes. These themes might be available to customers or on a third-party market like Additionally, they are free to distribute it in the WordPress Theme Directory.

WordPress Plugin Developer

As the name implies, these programmers make original plugins. WordPress plugin developers have similar options to theme developers, including building plugins for specific clients, publishing them on external websites, or making them available for free via the WordPress Theme Directory.

Remember that a developer could work as a freelancer or for a WordPress development company. This may impact the kind of services they provide and their prices.

How To Hire WordPress Developers?

Let us look at a step-by-step process you can use to locate WordPress developers that will support your company’s objectives, fit inside your budget, and be a pleasure to deal with.

Establish Your Requirements

The first step in hiring WordPress developers for your company website is knowing your needs. It’s ok not to have a well-defined plan. However, during the entire process, you should be sure of the objectives you’re attempting to attain.

Therefore, before looking for developers, you should grasp your needs for hiring WordPress developers. These requirements may differ significantly.

Know What You Want In Developers

Once you understand the project’s requirements, you can begin looking for WordPress developers on any of the dependable websites we recommended in the previous section.

Even though these markets have procedures for screening developers, you still need to sort through the options and choose the finest ones that meet your particular needs.

Here are some essential things to think about:

  • Ratings, Reviews & Testimonials: You should look for ratings and reviews when hiring WordPress developers from job platforms and marketplaces. Check whether they have any reviews on the same platform as well. You will save time on the candidate if there are warning signs in this area.
  • Portfolio and Past Work Experience: If the ratings, reviews, and recommendations seem credible, you should also check out their work. If they have produced or customized any WordPress websites, themes, or plugins, you should review them.

To evaluate the developers based on your criteria, you should also review their prior work experience. For instance, any experience in the eCommerce industry is a plus if you’re seeking WordPress developers with experience in eCommerce projects.

  • Use the Right Tools: Understanding the types of technology and tools they have familiarity with will help you advance the process. WordPress developers, for instance, need to be proficient with platform internals like PHP, MYSQL, and NGINX.

Additionally, check for experience working with version control programs like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, etc.

Prepare a Project Brief

During your initial encounter, top WordPress developers will want a project brief. A project brief consists of descriptions of everything you’re looking for in the WordPress development project.

This might comprise:

  • A brief description of your business
  • Scope of the project
  • Business goals that you hope to achieve
  • Site structure/roadmap
  • Brand identity and design assets
  • Third-party integration requirements

Having a project brief will not just enable you to establish clear expectations but also help to set right expectations before starting. This will enable you and the developer to get to a good start.

Demand Smooth And Quick Communication

Communication is an important element influencing your project’s development. As a result, the WordPress developers you select must be able to grasp your company’s needs and successfully explain their ideas.

Therefore, before starting the project, establish realistic expectations for availability and TATs. If your developer is in a different time zone, it becomes crucial to set such expectations.

Try A Paid Test Project

It’s possible or unlikely that the WordPress developers you’re thinking about are prepared to work on free sample projects. In either case, consider doing a paid test project as a trial run.

You might spend more money on such paid sample projects. However, consider these as a strategy to prevent big financial losses in the future. You can entice a developer to code on a sample project by paying for one through a paid sample project. Thanks to this, you’ll better understand how your project work will be done.

Additionally, during the paid trial period, you can evaluate essential qualities like technical proficiency, familiarity with platforms and tools, communication skills, honesty, reliability, and other qualities.

Set Clear Expectations

After hiring WordPress developers, ensure everyone agrees on the scope of the work. Any project scope discrepancies could cause unfinished work, delayed deadlines, or even financial losses.

A formal contract and/or scope of work agreed upon by all parties is an excellent method to start the project. It will ensure no mistakes are made during the process and prevent any unpleasant surprises for you or your developers.

Cost Of Hiring WordPress Developers

What is the price of hiring a WordPress Developer? WordPress developers can be found in large numbers in India. Indian developers are great employees since they can produce beautiful, high-quality websites. They communicate well and are cost-effective.

The cost of hiring WordPress developers varies whether you employ WordPress developers internally, externally, as freelancers, or through some companies that offer an average hourly rate for WordPress Developers. If you want to hire the top WordPress developers, you can contact a business that offers CMS development services in the USA.

WordPress professionals can be hired for more than $3000 per month for the in-house WordPress site development/

It can only cost as little as $1500 per month to hire a freelancer. If you shop around and consider all your options, you might find a WordPress developer for $1200 per month.

WordPress Developers Portfolio Platform (H2)

You can hire WordPress developers on many websites and platforms by checking their portfolios. Let’s examine some of the top choices in more detail.

You can check out Codeable if you’re seeking a platform that accommodates developers who specialize in WordPress. Codeable manually vets any developers who sign up for the platform.

You can expect top-notch work because all candidates are knowledgeable and qualified. The platform also offers a 28-day warranty. Therefore, it is a great place to start if you’re seeking a relatively speedy turnaround.


One of the most well-known and trustworthy places to look for qualified professionals is Toptal. The freelancers on this site represent the top three percent of talent. Project managers, designers, developers, and others are included.

Additionally, each recruit is carefully examined, so you can be sure they are dependable workers. You can post a job, and the website will review it to see who would fit your requirements.

They provide a risk-free trial as well as various pricing and payment options. There are probably other solutions available that meet your budget.


ClickWP is another excellent place to find assistance with WordPress. It functions quite differently from the other choices on this list. It provides a range of services, including monthly plans and on-demand jobs.

It can be used for site migrations, website setup and configuration, and theme tweaking, among other things. This is a reasonable choice if you need little work finished quickly.

WordPress Jobs

WordPress Jobs is another location to look for developers specializing in WordPress. This job listing website may be helpful if you’re trying to recruit a plugin developer or theme developer.

It serves as the official WordPress job board. As a result, you may relax knowing that the candidates have practical experience with the CMS.

Developers can apply to work on your project after you post a job under the category you’re looking for. Your job will stay there for 21 days after it has been approved and published.

WordPress Developer’s Average Salary

The average salary of a full-time WordPress developer is $63,348 in the US. Here is the salary classification based on the following sites:

WebsiteAverage Salary

Entry Level WordPress Developer Salary

Freelance WordPress Developer Salary

These were the average salary classification of entry-level wordpress developers and freelance wordpress developers. 

Since many WordPress programmers are independent contractors, they only work part-time. Because freelance markets employ freelancers from all over the world, their pay estimates vary substantially. While some independent contractors bill by the project, most bill by the hour.

Wrapping Up

Building your first website can be a time-consuming process. However, it can be far simpler if you hire a professional for WordPress Development Services.

As we covered in this article, there are a few strategies you may utilize before hiring a WordPress developer.

On several platforms, you can search, filter, and interview possible individuals in addition to defining the scope of your project. There are several options to help you locate a competent expert within your price range.

We advise starting your search with a foolproof plan if you’re looking for continuing, protracted labor from some of the top developers available.

To increase your site’s performance, choose premium WordPress hosting. 

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