Boost Likes on Your Facebook Page in 9 Ways

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The thumb impression on Facebook, or simply what we call “ like”, holds a significant role in social media. The more likes you get on your posts or FB pages, the more valuable your page becomes. Therefore, users always try to gain Instant FB likes from audiences by posting engaging content.

However, the first criteria for getting more likes is to gain more followers. Consequently, your business will also reach its heights with an increased followers.

How to Increase Facebook Likes in 9 Ways

When users explored that to get famous on Facebook, they need more likes; they left no stones unturned to achieve the most of it. Though there are several ways to increase likes on your Facebook page, here are 10 of them.

1. Invite Friends to Like Your Page

It’s the best way to get maximum followers on your page by inviting different Facebook accounts. The initial list of invitations includes friends and family members. However, you get maximum likes on your page with an increased followers.

But it often happens that after inviting a certain number of audience, Facebook restricts or block your account from inviting more peoples. This is because Facebook detects it as a suspicious activity when you visit too many profiles at a time.

 2. Create Unique Content that Gets Viral

Getting viral on any social media platform includes gaining more likes. Therefore, you need to focus on creating exceptional content to engage your target audience.

Choose an exceptional niche that would grab the audience’s attention—post with proper hashtags and tag friends. If your post is compelling, it is for sure that you will receive a lot of viewers. Moreover, if users mention their friends in your post or tag their friends, it will generate organic traffic to your page.

 3. Use Attractive Images

Any visual representation attracts people; thus, focus on using attractive images in your posts. However, make it clear that the images should be relevant to your post and have a good resolution so that people find them engaging.

However, a good image will make people click the like button and help to boost your page. Remember, what attracts the eye remains in the heart for longer; thus, include images in your post to make it captivating.

4. Build a Connection with other Pages

Communication is the key to building a connection; thus, try to engage with other relevant pages. For example, find out pages of the same niche as yours and engage with your likes and comments. It will enhance your visibility on the social platform, and people will notice you. Nonetheless, be careful that you don’t make any irrelevant comments, as it will leave an impression on your profile.

5. Focus on Your Profile Picture and Cover Photos

The profile picture and cover photo mirror your profile, so work on them. Add an attractive and relevant image that justifies the purpose of your page or account. It will bring more likes and engage audiences to your page.

The more shares and likes you get on the profile picture, and the cover photo implies, the more people follow you.

6.  Add a Like Button to Your Website

Redirecting the customers of your website to your Facebook is another way to generate traffic to your Facebook page. Thus, install a lock button plug-in to the website and bring the traffic from your website to your Facebook page.

Your website visitors are the interested users or customers of your products and services. Converting them to your Facebook followers can be beneficial as they are already happy with your brand. It will help in growing your brand.

7. Conduct Live Posts on Facebook

An audience can see you and interact with you when you come to live. This will enhance the trust between the page holder and the audience. Thus, come live with a proper reason and engage your followers to rank your Facebook page.

8. Embed Posts on Your Website or Blog

Copy the link of your best-performing posts or images on Facebook and place it in the back-end of your website or blog. This will generate traffic to your Facebook page and bring a shower of likes to your Facebook page.

9. Partner With an Influencer

When you collaborate with a popular influencer, your page gets noticed. Be careful that you choose a relevant niche and partner with specific brands to make it easy for people to relate to your page.

The popular influencer you will partner with will bring the maximum amount of likes and followers to your page.


These are the 9 ways you can boost your page likes organically. Facebook is now a growing business platform, and making its best use is undoubtedly the most innovative way to expand your business. There are different ways to increase Facebook likes; people also buy Facebook shares and likes to enhance their page. However, it depends on you whether you want to follow the algorithm and get organic likes or want instant likes and followers. 

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