Caribbean Hair loss: Causes and Treatments

Hair loss can be worrisome for everyone. A large number of people face the problem of hair loss at some point in their life. Likewise, Afro people also face the problem of hair loss but there’s hardly any information available about it. The hair loss of Afro people may not be visible until it starts causing baldness at some point because of the hair type and style. In this blog, you will get to know about the reasons for Afro hair loss and possible solutions.

What causes Afro hair loss?

Stress– There are many different reasons that can cause hair loss and one is stress. Stress causes mainly two types of hair loss, one is Telogen effluvium where hair fall happens due to shocking or sudden stressful events. The second is Trichotillomania, in this situation a person feels a strong urge to pull their hair. This situation often arises from stress.

Possible treatments– To manage stress try getting a day or two off from work, spend time with your loved ones, get enough sleep, eat healthy food and avoid alcohol. If you see excessive hair fall, you can check out with a Caribbean hair specialist in London

Traction Alopecia– This is the hair loss problem that happens because of tight hairstyles for a long period. It can happen because of hairstyles like tight ponytails and others where hair is pulled.

Treatment– The problem of traction alopecia can be solved by changing the habits and avoiding tight hairstyles. Excessive pulling of hair can lead to hair loss. Avoid such styles.

Diet and lifestyle– Diet plays an important role in keeping a person healthy and likewise for the health of hair. If you are not taking proper nutrients, you can witness a hair loss problem. Further, the health of your hair also depends on your lifestyle. If you exercise daily it can increase the blood flow in your body and hence improve hair growth.

Solution– Try to include more fruits and veggies in your diet. Eating a rich protein diet can improve the health of your body. There are many foods which you can include in your diets such as almonds, eggs and fish. Avoid eating junk food, sweets and other fatty food. And at last, if exercise is not a part of your routine, try including it in your schedule as it can increase the blood flow in the body. As a result, it will increase hair growth. If nothing works you can choose PRP treatment for hair loss

All in all, these are some common reasons for Afro hair loss. There are different other reasons, many people may have complicated reasons for their hair loss problem. Using the solutions provided, you can deal with the hair loss problem to some scale. If your hair loss problem doesn’t get better with time, consult a hair specialist. You can also consult with London Hair Transplant Clinic where you can get treatment from the best Afro hair specialists. 

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