CBD for Athletes: How America’s Top Competitors Use CBD

CBD for Athletes
Since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018 federally legalizing CBD in America, people of all backgrounds and social statuses have embraced the medical benefits of CBD oil. From celebrities, to parents, teachers, firefighters and policemen, to former and active athletes, many people have found relief from common ailments like pain, inflammation, swelling, muscle aches, stress, and more. CBD for athletes in a wide range of different sports and activities has helped them conquer recurring discomfort and regain their mobility. You’ll be surprised at who has come forward to support or reveal their use of CBD!
KC Deane   Deane is an active professional skier and mountain biker that has landed on the pages of almost every ski magazine today. After shifting his career towards mountain biking, he has become one of the top riders in the country. He also focuses on the film industry, creating award-winning pieces about his excursions. Along the way, KC Deane has incurred many injuries and he regularly uses CBD to aid in his recovery and for managing pain.Chris Camozzi       Chris Camozzi is a mixed martial artist who has been a professional MMA competitor since 2006, participated in MFC, Shark Fights, HDNet Fights, and was also a contestant on Spike TV’s 11th season of The Ultimate Fighter. Chris has used CBD for quite some time now to help reduce inflammation and pain that occur from the vigorous fights and common injuries he has incurred. After receiving a particularly severe knee injury, he has been regular with his use of CBD oil for athlete recovery.
Derrick Morgan   Up until the middle of 2019, Derrick Morgan was a football linebacker for the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League. He played his professional career for nine years. As a top athlete, he used CBD for relieving the pain and inflammation that came with a physically demanding position in football. In March of 2016, Derrick became the first active NFL athlete on “When the Bright Lights Fade” campaign for research of CBD.Caleb Marshall   Caleb Marshall, also known as “The Fitness Marshall”, is a dancer, coach, and online fitness trainer. After honing his personal style, he combined his choreography with video production to become an online YouTube sensation. He then started teaching live cardio classes. Caleb takes CBD to calm his nervousness and reduce inflammation. He also uses CBD oilfor athlete recovery to soothe his sore muscles and body.
Rick Upchurch   CBD is not just for athletes, it’s also an important medicine for people who are suffering from debilitating symptoms. Rick Upchurch, a former Denver Broncos player, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2011. He began chemotherapy and used CBD to relieve his nausea and other related symptoms. He claimed it was more effective at providing relief than any other medicine he was given at the time. His cancer continues to stay in remission now, but he continues to use CBD as a daily part of his life.Nate Diaz   Nate Diaz is also a mixed martial artist who has competed as a fighter in the MMA. Nate made waves in the media when he openly used a CBD vape pen during a press conference roughly two years before it was federally legal. This action helped paint a spotlight on the potential benefits that CBD could provide for athletes and others. During the press conference, he promoted the uses of CBD oil for athlete recovery from injuries and for reducing inflammation.
Ryan VandenBussche VandenBussche is a retired NHL enforcer with a career in hockey that lasted over 14 years. Over that time, he incurred brutal injuries from broken bones to more than 20 concussions. After receiving painkillers from team doctors, he found CBD through word-of-mouth and his own research. CBD oil for athlete recovery has helped him so much that he now advocates the use of CBD for athletes everywhere. In 2013, he bought a 64-acre farm and submitted an application to Health Canada with the hopes to turn the land into a medical cannabis farm to help others find relief.  Mike Tyson   The former boxer champion, Mike Tyson, has recently stepped forward to fully announce his endorsement of CBD for athletes and the great health benefits it has to offer the community. He owns Tyson Holistic Holdings (THH), which produces his own marajuana strain. He also plans to create a farm known as “Cannabis Resorts” for people who wish to grow or smoke hemp on his property in California City. It seems he has found a new calling in his retirement to promote the medical benefits of these natural plants that were given such a negative outlook in the beginning of the last century.
CBD oil for athlete recovery is a no brainer as it helps them fight back against inflammation, pain, muscle sores, body aches, and relieve the stress that comes with competing. No matter what specialty these athletes are competing for, CBD can be used orally, vaped, and as a topical to provide long lasting or targeted relief. Professional football players, mountain bikers, skiers, hockey players, martial artists and fighters, dancers, and more can all find better comfort and a higher quality of life when choosing to pursue their passions with CBD.
You don’t have to be a professional athlete for CBD to improve your life. Average people who workout, run, play recreational sports, bike, hike, swim, and whatever else they’re into can all benefit from adding CBD to their life. Everyone responds differently to CBD because of their personal body chemistry, so give it a try and see what difference CBD can make in your life!   
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