Discover the Top 5 Neighbourhoods to Reside in Edinburgh 

best places to live in Edinburgh

Individuals are shifting to Edinburgh, which has a long past but is also really modern. Edinburgh is rapidly turning into one of the best locations to live.

  • It has a terrific mix of old structures, fascinating cultural locations, and a busy nightlife. 
  • Considering that there are numerous things to do in Edinburgh, it’s not unexpected that it’s popular among young people.
  • Individuals who purchase a home in Edinburgh are making a fantastic investment. 
  • This is because home rates have actually increased over the past couple of years and it will keep increasing. 

As more individuals relocate to Edinburgh the property market is skyrocketing. This can be excellent news for individuals who currently live there. No matter what took you to Edinburgh, it’s simple to see why a lot of individuals now pick to remain there for good.

In this blog, we will look at the best places to live in Edinburgh.

Best places to reside in Edinburgh 

New Town

A lovely and stylish location to reside in Edinburgh is the New Town community. It has become of the very best locations there to live. The streets are lined with:

  • Georgian homes
  • Big parks
  • Gorgeous gardens

This makes it a terrific location for individuals who like architecture and green areas.

In the New Town, you can also find the best locations to eat and go shopping in Edinburgh. 

On Princes Street, you can find shops for popular brand names, and on George Street, you can find high-end stores and style shops. There are also many dining establishments, stores, and bars you can go to. 

You are right in the middle of Edinburgh’s arts scene when you live in the New Town. There is also the Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre, which stages programs all year long.

Old Town 

With its curving cobblestone streets, Edinburgh’s Old Town can make you seem like you’ve returned in time. In this old location are a few of the city’s most well-known structures, like Edinburgh Castle and St. Giles’ Cathedral. 

The Old Town isn’t simply a location where individuals go. It is also a hectic location that has a lot to offer individuals who live there.

  • From here, you can stroll to the best dining establishments, stores, and cultural areas in Edinburgh. 
  • Despite the fact that it’s a hectic location, there are still a lot of locations to find solitude, like a surprise street or a relaxing club on a backstreet.
  • Residing in a location that is so old can be tough sometimes. 
  • Many of the homes in Old Town are centuries old and might need modifications or repair work. Individuals who care most about history will find Old Town the best place to live.

West End

In the past couple of years, young employees and families have been choosing the West End of Edinburgh. It is a vibrant and busy location. It is known for its gorgeous Georgian structures, hip bars and dining establishments.

There are a variety of parks in the location, consisting of the stunning Princes Street Gardens. It also has some of the best coffee shops and dining establishments in the city.

The West End has both grand modern flats and Georgian townhouses. 


Leith is a widely known area north of Edinburgh’s city. Leith used to be a busy port town. But it has actually changed a lot in the past couple of years and is now a popular location for both travellers and residents. Leith is among the very best locations to reside in Edinburgh since it has a long history and a diverse population.

There are comfortable clubs with live music and cool beverage locations with great views of the city in Leith. There are also food fairs in the location that include regional foods.

In addition to food, Leith has a lot to provide its individuals regarding culture and enjoyment. Leith is near a variety of parks and green areas, such as the stunning Water of Leith Walkway.


In Between the New Town and the Botanic Gardens is a lovely place called Stockbridge. It is a special mix of old-world charm and modern-day conveniences. The location is known for its beautiful streets with:

  • Victorian and Georgian houses
  • Small stores
  • Relaxing coffee shops
  • Cool bars

The best part is that Stockbridge is close to nature. There are also some excellent places to eat in Stockbridge. 

There’s something for everybody, from hand-made cakes to dining establishments with Michelin stars. Foodies must go to the Sunday Stockbridge Market. Stockbridge has a strong sense of neighbourhood too. 

How to Buy an Edinburgh House?

It’s essential to find the best real estate agents and mortgage brokers to assist you find a brand-new home in Edinburgh. Getting help from professionals will ensure you get the home at the best deal. Do not fret, you can pick from many trusted property representatives and banks.

You might begin by looking online for lenders that provide loans. The majority of the time, online mortgage brokers will have reviews and ratings from past clients. You can learn just how much experience and training the purchaser or representative has in the field by doing a little research study on them.

Another terrific way to find an excellent mortgage lender is to ask around. This may help you benefit from the wisdom of other people. 

It requires time and effort to find professionals you can depend on. Do not quit and keep getting the job done; it will settle.

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The best approach to investing your money is by buying a house in Edinburgh. It is known for its high leasing returns and new projects. This makes it a terrific place to invest for the long term. 

The city is a great location to invest money since:

  • It has a strong economy
  • A big banking sector
  • A strong property market

Since it has low yearly property taxes and an excellent exchange rate, Edinburgh is a great location to invest in genuine estate. Thinking about all of these things, it appears like an excellent concept to purchase property in Edinburgh.

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