[Easy & Simple] How to Transfer Files from OneDrive to MEGA in 2022

Why Move Files from OneDrive to MEGA?

When a user stores a great number of files OneDrive and plans to shift those files to MEGA, there could be multiple reasons. Even though both cloud services are reliable for saving users’ files online, users will quit OneDrive and head to MEGA from many aspects.

The most vital reason is that MEGA offers more free storage space. Specifically, it offers a basic free storage plan for users with a lifetime of 15GB among 50GB, and the other 35GB will expire after a 180-day login. Whereas OneDrive only provides users with 5GB of free storage space.

Also, MEGA is a practical and user-friendly cloud drive that goes well with all kinds of users. And after moving files from OneDrive to MEGA, they can access those files anywhere and anytime from any device as long as the connection is available and stable.

How to Transfer Files from OneDrive to MEGA?

Thankfully, this article gives you 2 useful methods to move files from OneDrive to MEGA. One is a manual way and asks users to download and upload files between cloud drives. The other is to take advantage of a third-party service to move files across clouds directly. Now, keep reading to learn the details.

Way 1: Utilize MultCloud

Using MultCloud is the most convenient method to migrate files from OneDrive to MEGA. As you can see from its name, it is a third-party platform for users to move data from one cloud to another. What makes it stand out is the direct cloud sync and transfer features, which means it can help users migrate files across clouds directly without downloading and uploading.

As a popular and excellent cloud management service, MultCloud supports many leading cloud drives in the market, such as Google Drive, MEGA, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Photos, SharePoint, Wasabi, Dropbox Business, Flickr, MEGA, Amazon S3, NAS, and so on. Basically, the main cloud services are all supported on MultCloud.

So, users can simply add the clouds they use to MultCloud, and then they can manage them in only one platform. The good thing is that MultCloud is a web-based cloud file manager, so it won’t take any storage space on your local computer/phone.

Meanwhile, MultCloud can help you transfer various types of files from one cloud to another as quickly as possible. Unlike its competitors, MultCloud owns the best transfer speed. Moreover, you can set up automatic transfer tasks so that files can be moved automatically. There are 4 options, and you can choose to move data at a regular interval, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Now, learn how to transfer files from OneDrive to MEGA via MultCloud in the following content:

Step 1: Register a MultCloud account for free via your email. Alternatively, you can utilize your Google/Facebook account to log in.

Step 2: Tap the Add Cloud tab on the left-hand taskbar. Then add OneDrive and MEGA respectively by pressing their icons and granting MultCloud access.

Step 3: Then, go to the Cloud Transfer button, and hit the first square to choose OneDrive and the second square to select MEGA. Finally, you can Transfer Now.

Likewise, when you intend to move files from Dropbox to Google Drive, MultCloud can also help you work it out efficiently. And when you want to make scheduled transfers, you can press the Schedule button on the lower side and set up your customized transfer tasks. In addition, there are other practical features such as File Filter (by pressing the Options tab), which allows you to include files with certain extensions easily.

Way 2: Download and Upload

If you don’t want to use any third-party service, you can take advantage of the download-and-upload method. Although it’s a manual way and you need to make sure the connection is stable during the downloading and uploading process, it’s feasible and practical when you only have a few files to move from OneDrive to MEGA.

The main steps are signing in to your OneDrive and locating the files you want to move, downloading them to your local PC. Then log in to your MEGA account on the web, and upload what you have downloaded on your computer.

Final Words

Anyway, when you have files to migrate from OneDrive to MEGA, you can perform the download-and-upload method or utilize MultCloud. If you turn to MultCloud, you not only can transfer files between cloud drives, but also back up and sync files. For instance, you are allowed to backup Dropbox to Amazon S3 in a hassle-free way via MultCloud.

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