Fast and Easy Ways to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Gmail Account

migrate yahoo mail to Gmail

There was a significant decline in Yahoo users, and there could be a number of causes. The latest version of Yahoo takes longer for reasons like improper advertisements. Additionally, following the most recent NSA incident and another hacking attack on older email accounts. Because of this, many people have chosen to transfer from Yahoo to Gmail.

However, migrating to a new email client is never simple; as a result, users must convert their Yahoo mail accounts to Gmail. Well, carefully study the complete blog to understand and apply the manual & expert approaches to switching from Yahoo to Gmail.

As we all know, Gmail is,  far safer than Yahoo. According to recent reports, Yahoo experienced a 60-day outage in 2013 due to a hacker intrusion, which led to the biggest known data breach in history. Yahoo actually hide the breach for two years. Furthermore, it is commonly known that hackers may easily access Yahoo’s services.

As a result, customers now favor using more secure email services like Gmail, where they can access a variety of Google products, including Google Drive, Hangouts, Documents, Contacts, and Calendar using just one account and from any location! Due to these problems users sometimes want to migrate Yahoo mail to Office 365.

Reasons Why Users Want to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Gmail

The arguments mentioned below strongly encourage people to switch from Yahoo Mail to Gmail.

  • Because of Yahoo Mail’s outdated user interface.
  • In case users decide to move to a new email provider.
  • Lack of security issues in the email client/services.
  • Yahoo Mail reused the deleted email address, so anyone can still access your old identity information even if you cancel your account.
  • When spamming, advertisements are distributed widely.

These steps have highlighted all the reasons to migrate from Yahoo mail to a Gmail account. Let’s now move closer to finding a way to transfer the emails.

Manual Method to Switch from Yahoo to Gmail

Follow the steps provided to Move Yahoo Mail to your Gmail account manually.

  • Start your Gmail software. Select the See All Settings button under the Setting option.
  • Select the Account and import option after that.
  • Select the Import mail and contacts under the Account and import option. After then, a new windows screen will display now your system.
  • Enter your Yahoo email address now, then click the next button.
  • Enter your Yahoo login information and click the Next butt to open the Yahoo Account.
  • By selecting Continue, you agree to the ShuttleCloud migration manager’s terms of service.
  •  Choose the import options and press on start Import to start the migration of the Yahoo mail in Office 365.
  • It will take two or more days to finish the import procedure. The import duration of Yahoo emails depends on the size of the exported data.

Drawbacks of the Manual Tricks

 The manual method is free of cost but has some limitations. Here are some of them:-

  1. The manual tricks are a lengthy and time-consuming process.
  2. It only moves the Inbox folder. There is no shifting or moving of other folder data.
  3. The import process has been interrupted several times by synchronization.

These are the main drawback to using the manual approach to migrate Yahoo mail to a Gmail account. But don’t worry we have another solution for you. Let’s learn the Professional solution to Import Yahoo Mail to Gmail.

Professional Solution to Perform Yahoo to Gmail Migration

Yahoo Mail Backup Tool is the safe and effective solution to migrate Yahoo mail to Gmail. It’s a trusted solution to transfer Yahoo mail into Office 365, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, and Thunderbird. The topmost feature of this utility are:-

  • This utility export Yahoo mail into PST, MBOX, EML, TXT, etc., file formats.
  •  It backup Yahoo into the computer, hard drive, USB drive, and various other locations.
  • No prior technical assistance is required while using this tool as it offers a highly interactive GUI to its professional and non-professional users.
  • During the conversion process, it maintains the integrity of the essential data.
  • With the help of this tool, you can exclude the duplicate emails of selected Yahoo mailbox folders based on To, From, Bcc, Body, and Subject.
  • Download its free demo version to back up/migrate only 50 emails per folder.


In this write-up, we have mentioned two methods to migrate Yahoo mail to Gmail . All the steps of the manual approach are described in detail. But it has some limitations, so I recommend you go for the Professional tool. This write-up also highlights the reasons that induce the requirement to move Yahoo to Gmail.

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