Get Rid Of Grey Hair With Rice Water Hair Serum?

Rice Water for Hair

Everyone wants thick, voluminous and black hair, but unfortunately, due to various factors, your hair either becomes dry, dull, grey, or leads to hair fall, thinning, or breakage. These hair woes hit you irrespective of the season changes and become major concerns. One of the biggest concerns people have started facing in their teenage years is hair greying.

Nobody loves grey hair and this premature aging of hair calls for a quick action. It becomes necessary to reverse this hair pigmentation by not using any chemical treatment. Look for a supernatural solution and one such is rice water for hair. 

Rice water is a cure for many hair ills, one of which is hair greying. The starchy water of rice is a miraculous formula that maintains overall hair health. Applying this water on the scalp helps to reverse the grey hair and nourishes the roots and scalp.

This water is a powerhouse of nutrients like minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins B, C & E, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, fiber, iodine, zinc and manganese, which makes it the best hair-rejuvenating formula. You should not use plain rice water for your hair as it has a higher pH value than yours. It is advised to use fermented rice water, as its fermentation brings down the pH level of rice water. 

What are the benefits of rice water for hair?

Applying rice water on the scalp & hair is an age-old practice followed by Asian countries. When you regularly apply rice water then it revives hair from weaker, dull, lifeless & damaged hair. Rice water has a compound namely, Inositol which is a carbohydrate, aids in strengthening the elasticity & reduces surface friction.

Here are the benefits of rice water that make the mane healthy overall:

1. Enhances hair growth

The starchy water of rice is the best natural option to treat hair from roots to tips. It is an antidote to decrease hair fall gradually & improves hair growth. Amino acids found in rice water work ideally in hair regeneration. The abundance amount of protein in this water aids in the speedy growth of hair. Also, vitamins (B, C and E) play a crucial role in intensifying hair growth. Using this starchy water on your scalp and hair will give you outstanding results. 

2. Minimizes split ends

The most annoying thing that can happen to your hair is split ends. It hampers the hair look. Whatever hairstyle you make, it turns out to be a total fuzz that needs to be fixed. To diminish the split ends permanently, your hair needs protein & rice water has plenty of it. The pesky split ends grow at the end of hair strands due to inadequate maintenance & exposure to pollution. It results in an overall degeneration of hair health. The amino acids rescue and repair the damage caused to hair. It makes hair stronger, thicker and lessens the chances of nasty split ends. 

3. Fix up your hair look and feel

Experience the magic of rice water yourself. Rinse your hair with rice water once a week to resolve your plethora of hair issues. After shampooing your hair, instead of conditioner, use rice water. It will improve the hair texture and increase volume that will amaze you. Taming and smoothening are what rice water does for your hair. Above all, it makes the hair game stronger & healthier.

Your dry and damaged hair turns shinier & full of luster. The presence of vitamin E and Inositol in rice water alters the appearance of your hair. It coats a layer of protection against pollution, heat-inducing electric hair appliances, chemicals in hair care products etc. 

4. Weaves a protective shield against damage

Surface friction leads to excessive hair damage. Regular use of rice water for hair will enhance the elasticity as the compound named Inositol, a carbohydrate that repairs and rejvenates the damaged hair & protects the hair. Do you still think rice water is just a hyped natural ingredient? So, it would be best if you read what more it can do for your hair.

It is because all other ingredients wash away after a shower, but Inositol remains in hair even after rinsing off rice water & protects hair from further damage. If you love to style your hair with heat styling tools, use them occasionally and apply rice water before styling your hair. 

5. Diminishes dandruff

Dandruff is a menace. It makes the scalp by making it itchy, irritating & inflamed. Excessive dandruff and its shedding on clothes turn into an embarrassment & lack of confidence as it leaves a shower of white mist on clothes. The growth of Malassezia on the scalp leads to dandruff. Consistently applying fermented rice water will cure white flakes of dandruff. It gives a moisturizing boost to the scalp & hair, securing that the dry skin turns into a healthy scalp. Using it once a week will keep dandruff & flakes at bay. 

6. Controls lice

Lice is a pain as it ruins the peace & sucks your blood. The curative properties of rice water and the presence of starch tackle & kills the lice & nits instantly.

You can use Anti-Greying Rice Water Serum is a powerful concoction of Arcolys, Rice Water and fenugreek Extracts. It’s a serum for grey hair that not only helps in reversing signs of hair aging but also puts a stop to premature grey hair helps in improving hair quality tremendously. Rice water is an age-old miraculous ingredient that has the power of vitamins & minerals which strengthens hair roots. Arcolys enhances the expression of antioxidants in melanocytes and stimulates melanin synthesis, restoring your natural hair color.

Fenugreek extracts, restricts hair fall, treats dandruff, and hair thinning. It is a time-worn source of antioxidants that prevent gray hair & promote hair growth. This anti gray hair serum nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft. The natural extracts present in serum miraculously boost the overall performance, providing all the nutrients required to keep the hair young and healthy. Backed by extensive research, this formula has been clinically tested to give visible results in just 90 days of consistent use.

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This mantra to turn grey hair black has various other benefits to offer:

  • It has antioxidants in abundance to reduce hair breakage
  • It fights against various other signs of hair aging
  • It boosts hair growth thereby making hair shaft stronger
  • It is a great formula of moisturization for your hair and scalp
  • It conditions your hair without making them greasy or oily
  • It gives a frizz-free and soft hair texture
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