How Can Ghost Mannequin Boost Your eCommerce Business?


The ghost mannequin effect has become the first choice for online apparel retailers. They use this effect to display their products in online stores and get their desired revenue from the business. The eCommerce clothing business likes investing in this image editing service to get the maximum return. So, what do you think? How can a ghost mannequin service boost your eCommerce business? And why are the top apparel businesses investing in this sector?

Well, in this article, I will provide answers to those questions. So, without further ado, let’s get into the main business.

How to Create a Ghost Mannequin Effect?

Ghost mannequin service is a high-end image manipulation method. The photo editors create an illusional effect that looks like someone is wearing the clothing. The ghost mannequin effect is also known as the neck joint or hollow effect. 

As it is an advanced image editing method, the editors and the photographers require extreme skill in their job to create a perfect ghost mannequin photo. You may need 2/3 pictures of the garment, one of the front, one for the back, and one for the neck. Now you can start the post-production service with suitable image editing software. However, the editors mostly use Photoshop to provide the service.

Photo editors use different image editing techniques to remove the mannequin or model from the image. Then they attach various parts of the garment and use special effects to make it look like a 3D photo.

However, you can create an invisible Ghost Mannequin photo by implementing the following process. Remember, it requires years of practice to create a natural-looking hollow effect.

Step 1: Open the selected images in photoshop

Step 2: Apply clipping path on the front part

Step 3: Create a white layer with white background

Step 4: Scale the image and liquify

Step 5: Select the back part

Step 6: Remove the unwanted areas

Step 7: Darken interiors

What is the Importance of the Ghost Mannequin Service for the eCommerce Business?

The eCommerce sector is getting more competitive every day. And, if you want to stay in this realm, you must create a unique brand style to attract customers. Not let’s think about the structure of an eCommerce website and how the customers purchase a product from your website.

When customers visit an eCommerce website, they first see the product photo with the product title. If you can attract customers with the image, they tend to look for the other specifications of the product that you have written in the description part. But failing in the first step will make the customers look for alternatives., In turn, you will lose your potential customers even if you have the best product in the market.

So, what is the outcome of this discussion?

You need a high-quality and eye-catching product photo to attract customers’ attention at first glance. This becomes much more acute when you discuss the processes for showcasing your apparel products. Customers want to get more deities about the clothing from the photo. But, conventional product photography can not fulfill that demand.

When you go to a shop, it allows you to trail the clothing to see if it suits you or not. In terms of eCommerce business, you do not get that benefit. But you can still be more productive in displaying the apparel photos.

Here come the ghost mannequin services. Honestly, this image manipulation service has become a savior for online sellers. Almost all eCommerce apparel businesses, both small and giant ones, are utilizing this service to display their products in online stores. It allows you to bring the full details to the photo. Also, customers can feel how the clothing will fit them. So, it’s almost giving the same vibe as the physical shops, increasing the sales as well.

What are the Values a Ghost Mannequin Effect Adds to Apparel Companies?

The purpose of any image editing service is to improve the quality of the image. The ghost mannequin photo editing impacts the sales of apparel products. You will get the following benefits by using this service for your eCommerce business.

Creating a Unique Brand Style

A ghost mannequin effect improves the quality of the image. You can create your unique brand style by utilizing this service properly. And it is essential to make your identity recognized by the customers. Otherwise, the customers will forget you through the flow of hundreds of similar brands.

Again, high-quality images are the prerequisite for creating a result-bringing digital marketing strategy. Thus you can drive more potential customers to the site and increase the chance of getting more sales.

Creating Brand Credibility

Brand credibility is a vital element for a successful eCommerce business. If you can gain the trust of the customers, things will be much easier for you to reach your goal. Here, the Photoshop ghost mannequin service plays a significant role. It allows you to promote your products with high-quality photos.

Thus it creates a positive vibe about the company to the customers. It spreads a belief that they will get the best clothing items from you. On the contrary, using low-quality photos for eCommerce marketing raises legality questions about the company.

Product photos of your business work as the online representative for your company. So, emphasize using the best methods to display your products on eCommerce websites.

Increasing Sales

Commerce companies invest in image editing services to get increased sales to form the business. However, ghost mannequins or neck joining services for the apparel business influence sales. You can see the difference by comparing the invisible mannequin photo with the other clothing photos. What attracts you most?

Again, it cuts your expenses of shooting with a model in an exotic location. A photo editing company will charge much less for providing a top-notch ghost mannequin photo. Still confused? Then look at the top apparel companies. They utilize this service to get their targeted revenue.

How to Find the Best Ghost Mannequin Provider?

Ghost mannequin is an advanced image editing service. The photo editor requires a lot of expertise in image editing to provide this service. But, most of the image editors are newcomers in this realm. They fail to provide the best service, where a single mistake is enough to ruin the intensity of the images. Thus, it increases the risk of losing time and money.

However, to find the best editors for your company, you can ask your local networks and colleagues for recommendations. It is the easiest way to find the best ghost mannequin and clipping path service provider. Also, you can look at different online marketplaces.

But here, you need to be cautious while choosing an image editor. Ask for the portfolio and reviews of the previous client to get an idea about them. Hire for a short period to see if the editor is experienced enough or not.

Conserving all of the issues, I have listed the top 7 best ghost mannequin service providers leading this industry.

  • Clipping World
  • Graphics Cycle
  • FixThePhoto
  • Color Experts
  • Digi5 Studios
  • Clipping USA
  • Clipping path Fix


Ghost mannequin is inevitable to boost the sales of your apparel products. Your businesses will get recognition as brands by using high-end ghost mannequin services. However, finding an expert photo editing company is the prerequisite to getting high-quality photos.

You can collaborate with the Clipping World ghost mannequin department to get the desired services. This company has been providing this service for more than ten years. They can bring the best results for your company.


What is eCommerce product photo editing?

ECommerce image editing refers to the image editing process of creating compatible eCommerce photos. The editor removes all the inconsistencies in the image to give it a flawless look.

What are the functions of the clipping path?

There are several applications for clipping paths in the picture editing field. Here is a list of a few of them:

  • background changing
  • photo cut out
  • color rectification
  • adding shadows
  • Image manipulation

How significant are image editing and product photography in eCommerce?

It is essential to make money from your eCommerce store. The image is made appealing by skilled photo editors, increasing website traffic.

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