How Should I Get My HP Printer Out of The Error State?

If you face the HP printer in error state issue, the working process might be tedious and annoying. It usually gets in the way of the proper functioning of the printer and creates internal issues. However, this is a common issue in various printers and can be dealt with easy solutions. The error usually exists when you update your system or printer, and the connected devices are not able to work with it. 

You may restart the system, but it is still in error mode and hampering your work. You might not have to visit a repair shop and lose time or money as you can easily get your HP printer out of the error state with the solutions explained below. 

Why is my HP printer in an error state?

It is important to look out for the reasons causing your HP printer in an error state before working out with the solutions. Hence a few basic reasons that the users widely mention are as mentioned below:

  • The printer might have an outdated version of the printer drivers. 
  • The printing papers might be stuck inside the tray, causing a paper jam issue. 
  • The ink cartridges might have dried out or might have displaced, causing printer error. 
  • The internet connectivity might not be strong for the proper functioning of the printer. 
  • The printer might face a malware or virus attack causing the hp printer in an error state issue. 

How should I bring my HP printer out of an error state?

It is possible that if you recently updated your device software, the connected HP printer might be unable to work efficiently with the latest version. It might need a fresh setup or troubleshooting to work according to its usual capabilities. There are numerous easy solutions to get the HP printer out of the error state. A few of such solutions and methods are as explained and listed below.

Method 1: Basic troubleshooting

  • The connection should not be loose or obstructed in the middle to avoid error state issues. 
  • If you are already keeping up with these necessities, you should download and install the troubleshooter for further steps. 
  • Run the same and look for any issues that might lead the HP printer in an error state. 
  • The troubleshooter would automatically solve any such issue and get back your printer to its normal functioning.

Method 2: Update the necessary printer drivers

A printer cannot work without the appropriate versions of printer drivers. Hence, the absence of the same might also lead to the HP printer in an error state, causing various other issues. To overcome the same, you should download and install the latest versions of the printer drivers and process the normal functioning. For the same, we have explained the procedure below in a detailed manner.

  • Visit the HP official website through any web browser on your device. 
  • Look for the printer drivers option and open the same. 
  • Search for the most compatible and updated version of the printer driver for your specific HP model by entering the model number on the screen. 
  • Now download and process the installation procedure with the help of on-screen instructions carefully. 
  • Ensure that you restart the printer after this process to allow any changes that might occur.

Method 3: Allow the online mode access to your printer

You must ensure that the internet connection is strong enough to process the print command given to your printer. You may also ensure that your printer is set to work in the online mode to avoid any future issues. To set your printer in the online mode, go along with the below-explained procedure.

  • Press the Windows+X key on your device keyboard. 
  • It will open the Control Panel window on the device screen. 
  • Select the device and printers option and go to the printer menu at the top left corner of the screen. 
  • See if the ‘Use printer offline’ alternative is unchecked. If not, you may do so immediately to bring back your printer in the online mode.
  • Now test the working of your HP printer and see if the HP printer in error state issue is gone.

The above methods were very basic and can be carried out by non-technical users as well. However, if you are still not satisfied with the methods and are unable to bring the HP printer out of error state, you may contact the expert executives on the HP official website. They will help you with 24/7 online assistance to cope with any difficulties you might face with your HP printer and other devices.

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