How to Celebrate Your Business Anniversary in London

Anniversaries are always exciting and especially when it comes to business anniversaries. It is a special day when your business completes another year of incorporation and serving the people in the industry. But how do you make this day memorable? Don’t worry, in this blog, you will find out some great ideas to celebrate your business anniversary. This is the day you can use to share with your employees the past stories of the ups and downs of the company. Also, to make a bond with the employees. So without taking more time let’s get into the ideas:

  • A Lunch Party For All

It is of great benefit to have a lunch party and get together with all the employees, founders, clients and if possible the families of your employees. It will help you increase the team bond and also create a personal relationship with everyone. On the anniversary day, you can buy cake online and have a cake cutting ceremony. Food has the power to make any person happy. You can include healthy savoury snacks in the menu which your guests will enjoy for sure. When you include employees in the celebrations of business it naturally makes them feel good and resultantly remains loyal to the business

  • Make custom apparel and decoration

Make this day special in all possible ways. You can get custom apparel for the team members which they will wear on the day of the celebration. Also, for the day of the celebration, you can decorate the office with balloons and other decorative stuff of your brand colour. Use this day as an opportunity to click pictures with the team which you can later hang in your office as memory. Click a group picture with all the employees of the company.

  • Message from founder and CEO

Record a message from the CEO or founder sharing the vision of your company and what you want to achieve in the near future and your long term goals. You can also include the story of how the company was incorporated. If it fits in your budget you can also announce an employee welfare scheme.

  •  Surprise the team with a gift

Who doesn’t love gifts? You can give your employees and other guests a gift as a token of appreciation for their work. You can give anything that your employees may find useful. Moreover, you can also include vegan cupcakes london in the gift boxes for the children at the party. This way the guests will remember the party even after going home. If you give some decorative piece as a gift, guests can use that in their offices or personal space to decorate the place.

Conclusively, a business anniversary is a great opportunity to break the monotony of work for a day and celebrate the moment. This is the chance for you to appreciate the work of all the employees and team members. By including them in the celebration you can make them more connected with the company. Now you can use these ideas to celebrate the great day of your business anniversary.

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