How to Choose the Right Packing Tape for Your Business

Packing Tape for Your Business

Packing tape is the primary requirement of not only packing industries but also other industries like eCommerce and all other industries that transport their goods to customers in other cities or states. Packing tapes of several types. They are different from each other based on the type of adhesive, width, thickness, material, and strength. Not all businesses give importance to selecting one to meet their needs. However, selecting the right type is essential. 

Why should you choose the right packing tape? 

Making a wrong choice of packing tape can cause a few negative effects. What are they? 

  • Damage to the contents inside 
  • Risk of theft during transit 
  • Risk of contamination of the content 
  • Wastage 
  • Loss of reputation of the business
  • Loss of customers and business opportunities 

Before knowing how to choose the right packing tape, you should know the various types of tapes available. 

Types of packing tapes 

Self-adhesive packaging tape 

This is an eco-friendly tape because it is made from paper and not plastic. The adhesive of the tape becomes active as soon as the tape is released from the roll. So, it helps in a quick application. Moreover, it can be recycled. It is also easy to apply and tear. 

Water-activated packaging tape 

This is also made from paper and is an eco-friendly option. It has a starch-based adhesive. It is hard and not sticky until it is moistened. When it is wetted it acts as a powerful bond. This tape is the best choice for export because of its robustness. 

Acrylic tape 

It is a pressure-sensitive tape. This type of tape sticks instantly. As this tape is UV-resistant, it can withstand extreme heat. It is also called carton sealing tape and is an excellent choice to seal corrugated boxes. Its versatility makes it a splendid choice for many types of packing. As it can be applied with a machine you can finish your packaging work faster. 

Double-sided tape

As the name suggests, this type of tape has adhesive on both sides. It works well on all surfaces including paper, plastic, and wood. Generally, glue is used for pasting on both sides. Double-sided tapes are a good replacement to glue as they are neater and safer. 

Hot-melt tape 

Hot-melt tape is made in three layers, BOPP film, hot-melt adhesive, and release coating. Like acrylic tape, this tape can also be applied with a machine and hand. It is designed to give a fool-proof closure. It is the best choice for cold temperatures and for recycled boxes. The tape works best if the surface is clean and dry and free of dust and oil. 

Vinyl packing tape 

Vinyl tape is of high quality and can withstand more tension. As it has more tack it is the best option for parcels that have to be stored in freezers and boxes that have to be transported to extremely cool areas. Vinyl tape is expensive when compared to other tapes but it is the best choice if you are planning for long-term storage. 

Printed tapes

Printed tapes can be pre-printed or custom-printed. The three main purposes of using a printed tape are branding, prevention, and identification. 

Custom printed tape are used for branding.. The tape is printed with the name, logo, or slogan of the company. This helps to create brand awareness. 

Tapes with prints like ‘handle with care’, ‘fragile’ etc. are used for the prevention of goods from getting damaged. 

Using tapes printed with standalone text is useful for the identification of the parcel. It makes the parcel easily traceable. 

Natural rubber tape 

It provides a very good binding force even in low temperatures. Natural rubber tape has the property of penetrating deep into the fibers. So, it stays strong on boxes with uneven surfaces, corrugated boxes, and recycled boxes. 

How to choose the right packing tape for your business? 

There are a few factors to consider before choosing the right packing tape. 

The environment 

Are you planning to store or transport your boxes in extreme weather conditions? If so, you should choose a tape that can withstand all types of harsh weather. For example, water-activated tapes are the right choice for low temperatures. 

The surface of the box

Not all tapes stick securely on all surfaces. Some tapes don’t stick on uneven corrugated surfaces. Some don’t stick on wax-coated surfaces. Special tapes are needed for recycled boxes. Hence, you should select the tape depending on the surface of the box or container. 


Grades vary depending on the width, holding power, thickness, and strength. The higher the grade the more will be the heavy-duty of tape. You have to decide the grade according to your packing needs. 


If you are going for automatic sealing, you should tapes like acrylic and hot melt tape. If you are planning to do handheld taping, you should choose tapes that are easy to unwind and stick. 


If you want to use your packaging as a means of promotion for your brand, you should use printed packing tape. 


Cheap tapes that are of low quality are very risky to use. You have to face the threat of content getting spilled, damaged, and lost. So, it is wise to choose good quality tapes over bad ones. 

Adhesive strength 

Tapes with strong adhesives are better because they are more binding than tapes with weak adhesives. 

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Size of the box 

Packing tapes are of different widths. Wider tapes are stronger. If you are packing heavier items, you should use wide packing tapes like three-inch tapes. 

Packaging tapes are the saviors of the parcels that you want to store and transport. Hence, do a research on the types and quality of tapes and then make a wise decision based on your research. A wrong decision can prove to be disastrous. Understanding the pros and cons of various types helps to eliminate errors that can prove to be very expensive. 

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