How to Create Photo Manipulation in Photoshop | A Complete Guide

Creative Photo manipulation


Photo manipulation is fun if you know how to execute your creative genius using photo editing software. Photo manipulation has a very old history. It did not begin with the invention of the photo editing software; in case, it has been practiced for centuries. Even before the invention of the camera, artists were creating new works from existing ones. They gave the pre-created picture a new look to make it more precise or transform it into a new form.

Photographers, editors, and retouchers are carting new designs from an existing picture using image editing software. And we term it the photo manipulation technique. Creative Photo manipulation covers almost everything in the image editing process. It involves creating surrealistic photomontages or creating a completely alien world. So, it completely depends on your skill in photo editing tools and your creative mind.

The famous photographer Eduardo Valdes-Hevia defines photo manipulation as the medium that fits between photography and traditional arts.

However, photo manipulation is a test of your skill in Photoshop and your artist’s mind. If you are a beginner in this sector seeking new ways to master this technique, I would say you are in the right place. In this article, you will get a complete guide on the creative photo manipulationand photoshop ghost mannequin techniques of 2022. By practicing these tips, you can be an image compositing expert! So, without further ado, let’s dig deep to find your treasure.

NPPA Ethics of Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is the editing and retouching of existing photos to create new artworks. Photo manipulation is not for deception but for creating aesthetic-looking pictures with the help of an image editing program. However, there are a lot of controversial facts that prevail regarding the application of photo manipulation.

The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) has a code of ethics to represent a subject. It states that the integrity of the photographic pictures’ context and content should be preserved while editing. And the editor should avoid any improper manipulation that can mislead viewers or portray topics incorrectly.

With that in mind, let’s learn about the 16 image manipulation tips with examples.

Guide to photo manipulation: 16 incredible tips, ideas, and examples

I have prepared 14 fantastic photo manipulation tips in photoshop to sharpen your skill. Practice these ideas to achieve your goal.

Set your goals and plan accordingly

It’s important to know your goals before starting manipulation. Understand what you are trying to achieve. If you have a clear idea about it, you can make further plans to succeed. Also, you have to know what kind of manipulation you require.

You can eliminate the distractions from the image and create an artistic effect. And, if you want to create an artwork, prepare a theme that can portray the concept effectively. Please write down the ideas immediately when they come. So, you can more effectively.

Be real

You can create surreal pictures in photoshop. But obeying the rules of photography can help you create a catchy image. The pictures must be as realistic as possible to get the viewers’ attention. Although you can create sci-fi features and fantasy elements, you still need to give them a realistic viewpoint, color, and shadows.

Get your perspective on things

Aligning the photographs’ perspectives is the first step in creating a seamless composite. Photoshop allows easy adjustments to things like photoshop color correction and lighting, but perspective correction is a lot more. It would be best if you learned techniques for modifying a picture by adding or removing elements.

Know more about lighting and color

Color is everywhere. And this is the thing that makes the subject. So, you have to emphasize matching the color and lighting on the picture. You can go from the darkest to the lightest elements in the photo to match the colors accurately. The expert editors match the darkest color of the subject to the darkest color of the background. Thus they create eye-pleasing artworks.

Make sure the color distribution is perfect throughout the image. Also, adjust the hue and saturation to bend the background. Experiment with brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows to find your perfect combination.

Pick out pictures that go together well

Combining photographs that enhance each other is the first step toward that level of realism. The photographs you’re using should have some thematic connection in color and lighting. Even if you’re a master of your craft, combining two photos with drastically contrasting subjects or lighting will need significant post-production work. The more work that goes into editing images, the less time you have to take them.

Controlled photoshoot

Try to control subjects and other photographic elements during photo shooting. You can use stock images, but a cool photoshoot can help you get the best result. It’s much simpler to get shadows and perspectives to match up and work together. So, develop the shadows and perspectives during photo shooting.

Prepare your image cache

The expert photo editors have a collection of the image as they need to do a lot of photo compositing. You can use the free stock photo sites, but capturing those photos yourself is better. You may gather anything as a photographer, from sky and backdrops to particular components such as flowers, sculptures, and vehicles. The possibilities are endless.

Keep the resolution unaffected

It is important to perform non-destructive image manipulation. So, the resolution of the images will remain saved and unaffected. Agna, choosing high-resolution pictures for manipulation is always the right choice. It smoothens the editing process and helps to execute the best result.

Transform portraits with color grading

Experiment with color grading without ruining the picture. You may add colors to a gray, practically black and white shot. And then bring back the details from the shadows for a significantly different and more pleasant image.

Make the most out of RAW pictures

You must know how to get the most out of a RAW photo, especially when your subject or the sky can’t be properly exposed. This problem prevails when you take photos in nature or don’t have a reflector. Both the sky and your subject will be overexposed. But Photoshop can fix it, revealing previously concealed elements in the image’s midtones and highlights.

Add depth to facial features and portraits

Adding more realistic features to your images will make your subjects stand out. The shot may be made considerably more interesting by using a variety of approaches.

Imply advanced compositing techniques

Learn about the advanced compositing methods of Photoshop to create some mind-boggling effects. You will get more scopes to blend colors and images to get the final result.

Trendy double exposure effect

You have surely seen this intriguing effect of two or more overlapping photographs on the covers of music CDs, in periodicals, and in advertising. In only a few simple steps, Adobe Photoshop’s Blending Modes and Clipping Masks are effective in producing the current double exposure effect. Or you may save time by using a clipping path service.

Practice, practice, and practice

Effective picture manipulation requires practice, just like any other ability. The more you practice compositing, the better you’ll become at it, whether your goal is to improve one picture or to build a stunning universe.


Image manipulation service has an implicit role in the growth of a business. You can get your desired design by manipulating the existing picture. However, photo manipulation requires a lot of expertise and patience to achieve perfection. If you do not have enough time to manipulate the images by yourself, you can hire an expert editor.


How to use the clipping Path in Photoshop for image manipulation?

The clipping path gives complete control of the selected area. So, you can perform selective adjustments in that area. As it is one of the basic image editing methods, it helps to create advanced effects.

What is image manipulation?

Image manipulation is an image editing service used to manipulate one or more photos to create the desired image. There are many types of image modification.

How do you manipulate an image in Photoshop?

Image manipulation is the process of using photo editing software to produce alluring visuals. Depending on the picture, you may need to use a different editing technique.

What is creative image manipulation?

Creative image manipulation is changing a picture to give it a dramatic appearance. To create a perfect image that accurately conveys a certain idea, professional photo editors use a variety of approaches.

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