How to Effectively Promote Your Event on Facebook in 2021

1.6 billion users, 25m posts per day, and 187 countries, these extraordinary stats are painting a clear picture of how popular Facebook is. Launched in 2003, the social media giant is the largest digital country in the world with a 1.6 billion online population.

This was the first app that started connecting people around the world and gave a simple way to share their life moments with the world. 

But apart from being a social network and photo-sharing app, Facebook has become a great marketing platform for all types of businesses and those who are looking to reach more people and expand their business.
Businesses love to connect with their customers and, of course, add more to their list. In fact, there are several free and paid ways to do this. However, the question arises in the mind of a marketer, how to start your campaign on a platform that could give you the best reward for your marketing efforts and typically has a significantly higher ROI than many other social media platforms?

The answer is no other than Facebook. Scheduling an event on Facebook is a fantastic opportunity to increase brand awareness, spread your voice, excite the customers and professionally market your product. Facebook is a great platform with millions of active users worldwide to boost visibility, generate leads, and build loyal customers.
There are different ways to host an event. And sometimes it can be challenging for a company to organize it without investing money and putting in the extra effort. But this is not the case if you have a plan. There is always a process to do marketing in a simple and low-cost way and get great results for your promotion strategy.
Fortunately, setting up an event on Facebook is not difficult at all. The challenging part is to spread awareness of the event to both new and existing audiences.

This article explores some tactics that can help you promote your upcoming event on Facebook more effectively.How to promote any event on Facebook To create buzz around your event, you can use the Facebook advertising feature as well that will charge you for this service. But we are looking for a free alternative that is promoting your Facebook event without spending a dollar. Optimize Facebook events page Your event promotion starts with optimizing the Facebook event page. If you set it up well, it will be easier to get most of this tool.

The first step is to create an event on your Facebook business page. You can complete the step just by clicking on the create event button.

When clicked, you have created an event on Facebook. That’s it.The next step is to optimize the page and add some visuals like videos and images to make it more engaging, professional, and attractive.Upload Images Your event page needs to have a perfect image with a perfect size that doesn’t cross the red lines on devices. Your image size depends on how well you have designed it. It can be 1200 X 628 or 9020 X 1280 The important part is to design your image by highlighting the event name and date on it. Your cover photo should be clear, catchy, and simple. So wherever your attendance is, they can share your event with others Make A short Name of The event People do not spend time remembering your event name that is too long. The solution?

Short names:

It is important to capture the attention of users by using a simple, conscious event name that users can remember. They will not remember if your event name is long and complicated. Facebook allows you to add 64 characters to your event name, so, there are not plenty of options.Write a clear description In the event description, write down all the basic details about the event. The place of the event, schedule, guests, and other important information that people want to know.

Bonus tip:

Use copy writing hacks to make your description more compelling. Do not forget to divide your copy into headings, bullets, and paragraphs.

To enter the place where the event will take place, type the name of the venue and Facebook will autocomplete it with suggestions. This will pop up when people hover over the name of the location. Using the official venue location allows Facebook to suggest your event to local users who have shown interest in similar topics.Keyword tags Keyword tags allow you to reach more audiences. Try to add relevant keywords in the tag section. You should not be limited to branded keywords and your company only. Instead, use keywords that are related to your industry, tag partners, guest names, and vendors who will be participating in your event. adding then allows Facebook to recommend your event users based on their interests.

Set event time It is important to set a date for your Facebook live event. when setting the start date of the event, set an end date of your event as well to look professional. It also helps the user how many days will your event continue. if not set, Facebook will automatically set your event to end three hours after the starting time. Use hashtags One of the best ways to take your Facebook event to the next level is to use relevant hashtags. To promote your event on Twitter, hashtags are the best way to inform people outside of Facebook. Share in the Facebook groups Facebook groups have always been a great place to promote your event. if you have your own Facebook group. it is a great opportunity to tell your members about the event. In addition, share your event in other public groups as well.Ask participants to share Your guests, performers, and speakers who are invited to the event also want people to attend the event and enjoy it. This event belongs to them as well.  

That’s why asking your guest speakers to share and speed voice about the upcoming event is a no-cost way to promote your event.Create urgency Before your event goes live, make sense of urgency by uploading the coming soon short videos with attractive scenes. Make short videos of your guests, speakers, and performers and upload them before the event goes live.Share outside of Facebook On your event page, you will find the share option with an arrow of. Which allows you to share the event on a page or group. You can also share this link to other social media channels as well as your website and email newsletter.

It is a good idea to expand your reach and use the power of other platforms and channels as well. This does not mean you should limit your efforts to the platform only. 

Even try to spread the word offline to get people to know about your event. Tell your friends and family members to share your message with their colleagues.

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