How to stay fit during the Covid-19 Pandemic

As the coronavirus cases surged worldwide many countries imposed lockdown restrictions. This led to the start of a new era of work from home and zoom meetings. Almost all the companies started the WFH policy and in many places employees are still working from home. However, there are different challenges people face during WFH such as availability of dedicated work stations, internet issues, power cuts and of course toddlers walking into the zoom meetings is also a major challenge. But the greatest challenge is to be fit during work from home time. As physical activity has decreased immensely, the remaining fit has become a challenge. In this blog, we will share with you the different ways that can help you to remain fit. So without wasting any time let’s dive deep.

Ways to be fit during Covid-19 and work from home:

  • Eating timetable- It is essential to maintain a good eating timetable. You should eat at least four meals a day. Other than breakfast, lunch and dinner, you should also include snack meals in your timetable. If you are too lazy to prepare snacks, you can order from caterers London. You can get a packed meal right at your doorsteps. This way you save your time as well as eat healthy food.
  • Sleeping schedule- Just like good food is necessary for good health, sleep is necessary for mental health. If you often feel stressed and tired, it can be because of less consistent and quality sleep. While you are saving your travel time working from home, you can use this time to get a complete 8 hours of sleep. A healthy lifestyle can never be complete without enough sleep.
  • Sitting posture- When it comes to working from home, not everyone has a dedicated workstation with a comfortable table and chair. Still, to be fit you have to be mindful of how you sit. Bad sitting posture for longer durations can lead to many serious health issues. To avoid this try to sit on a comfortable chair that has back support. Doing so will assist in keeping your back straight and maintaining the right posture.
  • Eat less but often- If you are someone who is already trying to lose weight and working from home, this is a must for you. Try not to eat in excess because of the appetite. To deal with this, try eating less food more often. For instance, if you eat three meals a day, try shifting to 5 meals but reduce the amount of food you eat in each meal. This is something that many health specialists suggest to people working to reduce weight. If you are short on time there are many office lunch delivery services that provide personalised food to your home.

Conclusively, during the lockdowns, it has become more difficult to stay fit. This is because of reduced physical activity and fewer options to go out. Even places like gyms and parks are closed. In such times, these tips can prove to be helpful to stay fit. Bring these habits or points in your life and see the change it brings.

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