How To Use The Netgear Gaming XR500 WiFi Router As A Media Server?

In today’s generation, every child is game addicted. These kids play online games with their friends. But to play online games the WiFi network connectivity is most important. If the WiFi network is not there then children do not enjoy the gaming. If you really wish to buy such a router that is especially designed for the gaming device then you surely install the Netgear Gaming XR500 WiFi router. Because this router is securely designed for gaming devices. With this device, your gaming router easily gets WiFi network connectivity. This router provides a wireless network signal speed of up to 2.6 Gbps. You can easily connect up to 20 client devices to the XR500 router. This router delivers stable network connectivity to all the devices that are connected.

The Netgear Nighthawk gaming router is equipped with four external antennas that enhance the network signals. The signal amplifier is built-in in this router that amplifies the network range. If you totally get the high-speed network signal with this router then you should perform the netgear nighthawk pro gaming xr500 setup. Because without performing the setup the network signals of this router are not amplified. 

Use The Netgear Gaming XR500 WiFi Router As A Media Server

If you wish to use the gaming router as a media server then you can easily use it. But for this, you need to configure all the media server settings. This setting is necessary to properly configure the media server. In the given steps below, they totally explained how to use the XR500 router as a media server. In the media server setting, you need to configure many settings such as ReadyDLNA setting, Play music from a storage device, router’s iTunes with iTunes, router’s iTunes server with apps.  There are some steps that are usually more helpful, which are as follows.

Specify ReadyDLNA Media Server Settings

The Netgear XR500 wireless router has a media server function that completely allows viewing the photos & videos on the media player. If you also view the photos & movies then you need to specify the readyDLNA media server setting. But for this, you need to log in to the account. If you login to the account then open the internet browser on your network-connected desktop devices such as laptops or computers. In the internet browser search bar, you can insert After that, the login window pops up, then login to the account with the login admin password. Then, visit the gaming router setting and then select the USB storage option. The media server page is displayed, click on it. You need to enable the DLNA media server option. If you wish to play ReadyNAS media on your TiVo device then you can smoothly enable the TiVO support option. If you wish to play the music from a USB device then you surely enable the iTunes server option. After enabling all the options, you can click the save option to save all the ReadyDLAN server settings in the proper manner. 

Play Music From a Storage Device With iTunes Server

The iTunes server allows playing music from a USB storage device. But this storage device securely connects to the router with the USB ports. If you wish to manage to configure you can easily configure it in two ways. This server is configured with the remote app as well as iTunes. But the ways are simple & effortless.  

Set Up the Router’s iTunes Server With iTunes

If you wish to set up the router’s iTunes server with iTunes then you need to connect a USB storage device to the wireless network router while using the USB ports of the router. Then, provide the power to the networking router & USB storage device with the power cord. Now, launch the internet browser on your computer or mobile device and then use the search box of this browser and through input Then the login window is displayed, you can input the admin password and log in to the account. Then visit the USB storage setting and select the media server option. The iTunes server option is there you can enable this option in an accurate manner. 

Set Up the Router’s iTunes Server With the Remote App

If you wish to set up the Gaming XR500 WiFi router iTunes server with the remote Ap[p, then you can easily perform the setup. But for this, you need to install the remote pp. Just visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and then download the Remote app. Then, launch the remote app on your iPhone or android mobile phone. Then, add the device with the add device or + icon option. Now, you can visit the setting of the remote app and then smoothly enable the iTunes server and click the Apply option. 

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