How Useful the ETA Sri Lanka Visa?

Travelling to Sri Lanka and visiting its attractive places is the dream of many people! There are certain requirements to get entrance to different countries. Same is the case with Sri Lanka. It demands ETA Sri Lanka visa of the passenger to allow them to travel to his dream country, Sri Lanka. ETA is the acronym of Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). The main authority that is responsible for issuing ETA visas is the Department of Immigration and Emigration (DI&E).

Significance of ETA Sri Lanka:

It is compulsory for the masses to get the valid Sri Lanka ETA visa for travelling to Sri Lanka. The validity of the Sri Lanka visa online is six months and hence one must avail the opportunity. It offers the golden opportunity to get entry into the country. When you get the ETA Sri Lanka visa then rush towards the ticket booking. Else, it would expire soon. People having plans to visit beautiful and refreshing places of Sri Lanka must consider getting an ETA visa. ETA visa is beneficial for travelers who are planning to transit through, have short business trips or memorable holiday visits.

Convenient Business Visits:

People who want to expand their business in foreign countries such as Sri Lanka should avail ETA visa. The visa holder can easily travel to Sri Lanka for business purposes. Hence, if the reason is to attend the meeting or any other business-related affair then mention it in application.

Enjoyable Trips and Tours:

The requirement for Business ETA is almost similar to that of the ETA for tourism. There are various ways to apply for an ETA visa. The submission for the Sri Lanka visa application can be accomplished by the applicant or the third party. Submit the ETA Sri Lanka application at port of entry, at DI&E or overseas missions!

Duration of ETA Visa and Stay:

The travelers with ETA visa can stay in Sri Lanka for a duration of about 30 days. Do not consider applying for the flight tickets until you grab the visa. Fulfill all the requirements of the visa and then apply for it. As you avail it, then look for the suitable dates for your flight and book the ticket. The validity of 30 day’s initiates right from the date of arrival. However, people can also get the flexibility to extend it. The extension cannot be exceeded for more than 6 months.

Sri Lanka ETA Visa on Arrival:

The main steps to avail ETA visa are submission of application. After doing so, wait for receiving the acknowledgement. The applicant will receive either the referral or the notices of ETA approval. However, the applicant should immediately contact DI&E for necessary ETA. People with Diplomatic and Official passports are massively blessed. They get the golden opportunity to get ETA on Gratis basis.

The short stay visa to Sri Lanka is known as visa on arrival. It is granted to the travelers when they approach the country port. The visa on arrival is granted without charging any fee. Majority of the visas on arrival are offered to the people with fabulous benefits. The benefits of eta visa Sri Lanka include 2 entries to Sri Lanka with maximum stay for up to thirty days.

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