Important Tips To Fix The Juplink AX1500 Router Restarting Issue?

Juplink AX1500 router

Surfing the fast internet connection has now become very easy. You just need a mobile data connection or router to enjoy the internet connection. The router is able to provide a stable and fast internet connection as compared to the mobile data connection.

There are hundreds of routers available in the market. But they did not meet the expectations as some have lower speed while others have lower signal coverage. The Juplink AX1500 router is a perfect device as it spreads the signal over the massive area with four high gain external antennas. The WiFi 6 technology provides greater speed and signal to every corner of your room. The speed of this device is also fast. It provides a speed of 1500MBps with both frequency bands. 

Online gaming, HD video streaming, and media streaming tasks can be enjoyed without any buffering. Both uploading and downloading time can be scheduled with inbuilt OFDMA technology. MU-MIMO technology allows you to connect many devices at a time. The compatibility with 802.11ac, 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11b WiFi communication standards make this device more valuable to purchase. 

Tips To Fix The Juplink AX1500 Router Restarting Issue?

If you are using this device then this issue may arise due to many options. Some easy to’s and tricks to solve this problem are given below.

Update Your Firmware

If the AZX1500 device firmware is not up to date, It will reduce the router performance and hence create restarting issues. The firmware should be upgraded on a regular basis. By updating, freezing and restarting issues can be solved. It will fix the software bugs.

To update the firmware of the device, visit its official website and enter the Juplink ID details. Go to the firmware update option and update it. You can also download the firmware file from the site and upgrade the firmware manually.

Reduce Overworking 

The router has been manufactured to do a lot of work. But sometimes an overworking load on the AX1500 device may create a restart problem. For example, if you connect more than 5 to 7 devices at a time, the processor of the Juplink AX1500 device starts working slow due to overload. Hence it also creates an issue while running the software.

It also changes the IP by itself on regular periods. This will create an auto restart issue on the Juplink wireless device. To fix this problem, stop or reduce the number of work you are doing. Use the ethernet cable to connect to the system device and surf the internet connection. This will definitely reduce the restarting issue of your device.

Check Connection

The restarting issue may not always happen due to software issues. Sometimes, it may create a restart problem if the power connection to your AX1500 router is loose. When the power cord is loosely connected, the disconnecting issue may occur on a regular basis.

Hence the AX1500 device restarts by itself. You can view whether the power is sufficient or not for your AX1500 router device by the LED lights available on the front. Unplug your AX1500 device power cord from the AC socket and plug it in again. Change your power cable to a fresh one if it still restarts.

Reduce Overheating 

The router is a little hot while it is running. But if the router is too hot or the temperature of the AX1500 device is more than 115 degrees F, then your AX1500 device is overheating. Try to place the router in an open room space rather than in small stores. You can fix the overheating issue by disconnecting the devices which are not in use. Use the fan to blow out the hot air to make the AX1500 device cool.


The review of this item on the digital platform was great. After that, I decided to purchase this product. It has been 5 months since I used this product. It is a good device at this price.  It broadens the network coverage over a large area with four antennas.

The WiFi 6 technology provides a faster speed and spreads the signal to every corner of your room. The speed of this device is also impressive. It provides a speed of 1500MBps with both frequency bands. Coming to the final point, it is a value for money device and I suggest all the users purchase this item.

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