Improve Your SME Capabilities with a DTAC SIM Work Package

DTAC SIM Work Package

Digital communications need to keep up with the times. What was ‘good enough’ a few years ago in speed and file size capabilities may not be enough to allow your SME to compete in today’s business environment. But DTAC offers a range of SIM work packages that are designed to keep up with the growth of an SME and provide them with the right data transfer capacities and extra services to suit their business and their budget. 

Improved SME Organizational Capabilities

One of the added benefits of choosing a DTAC SIM package for your SME is the inclusion of a Google Workplace subscription. 

Google Workplace is the new version of Google’s G Suite. Workplace offers your SME improved communication options that help make all your staff more productive in their roles and help everyone stay in closer touch. 

With the seamless video capabilities of Google Workplace, every SME needs the benefits of the six WorryFree Plus Pro packages from DTAC. 

Choose the basic package that offers 20 GB of data transfer and 200 mins of phone calls for THB 499 per month. Don’t forget it also includes a subscription to Google Workspace, and as a special added bonus, DTAC will add 10 GB of data per month. 

As your SME begins to grow, you can simply upgrade your WorryFree Plus Pro package until you’ve reached the unlimited internet and 1,100 minutes of talk time level. This package also includes 3 subscriptions to Google Workspace and 5 subscriptions to Teamwork, the handy task manager that is an add-on to your Gmail account.  

Importance of Managing Expenses

Every manager knows the importance of managing expenses in a young SME. It’s important to only pay for what you need in the way of business tools and applications. Many SMEs have vanished because their managers didn’t pay close enough attention to what they saw as small monthly expenses. 

By choosing the phone plan that offered the most data and talk-time, they thought they were being smart in planning for the future. But as the Telecom provider charged whether you used the services or not, employees were getting plans where they only used a fraction of the data and talk-time. And multiplied across an office full of employees, managers soon realized the error and wastefulness of their decision.  

The phone plans cost much more than the business they were providing. And the negative cash flow soon became a monthly drain on the company’s fragile expenses.

Be in Control with Worry Free Plus Pro

With the WorryFree Plus Pro packages from DTAC, managers can easily keep a firm grasp on their communications expenses. They can upgrade busy and successful employees to an enhanced plan easily and quickly and take advantage of the increased conversions when it makes financial sense to do so. 

Provide your employees with the best in modern business connectivity and stay in control of your small or medium business expenses with the SME sim work packages from DTAC.  

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