Is Gautam Buddha Idol Good for Home?

Gautam Buddha

Our home is the place where we are our true self. Home is the place where we are at peace with ourselves. When we go home after a tiring day we expect to have peace of mind. But if you are unable to feel peaceful at home for a long period of time then it will lead to mental stress, anger issues, depression, anxiety and many more things, so what can we do to change this?

From the endless list of reasons which could be responsible for this, there is one reason that goes unnoticed but may be responsible for all the chaos in your life. We are talking about the infamous Vastu Dosha. It may look and sound harmless and useless but many people believe that having vastu dosh for a long time without rectifying it could lead to disastrous results. 

So where does Gautam Buddha’s idol fit in all this? It is believed that having a brass buddha statue can help with reducing or removing the negative energies of vastu dosh to ensure that these problems don’t affect your life adversely.

Story of Lord Gautam Buddha

We all are very well aware of all the life changing teachings of Lord Gautam buddha. We will talk about his journey to become the greatest teacher, saint and spiritual guru from royalty. 

Once upon a time a boy was born to the chief of the Shakya clan. Everyone rejoiced and all the tribal people were celebrating. Sages and priests were called to bless him. Then, one day an old sage paid a visit to bless the young prince. The tribal chief head asked about the destiny of his son. The sage said O King! The likes of your son are born once a millennial, he will either become the greatest king who will conquer the world or he will become a monk who will change the way mankind perceives the world. 

After listening to this prophecy, the king decided that his son will become the greatest king. As the time passed by, Prince Siddartha grew up, learned all the things that a prince should know about. He got married to a princess named Yashodara. They had a son together. 

Then one day when he was walking in his kingdom then he saw an old man, a sick person and a dead body which made him uneasy. He began to ponder all the things that he has seen, believed, heard and he questioned everything. Then he decided that he will go to find the truth by himself. He exchanged his royal ropes with the clothes of ascetic and a bowl. 

He wandered in the woods, studied under a lot of teachers but no one could satisfy his hunger for truth. So he started wandering in the woods with five other people after 5 years of harsh penance. Prince Siddartha asked his fellows if this is the right method to attain enlightenment. His fellow mates fought with him and they went their separate ways. 

After Siddartha went his separate way he entered a village where a woman fed him sweet rice porridge and honey. Then he gained his strength and later on bathed in the river Nairanjana. Then he spread Grass mat under a bodhi tree. He thought about all his teachers, saints and sages who had taught him were not with him all the scriptures, texts and all the things he learned that did not satisfy him. Now he was all alone with his thoughts and he sat very still, without moving a muscle for six days straight. On the seventh day, he opened his eyes and realised that the truth that he had been searching for so long, was just inside his heart all along.

And hence Prince Siddartha’s journey for truth ended with him being Gautam Buddha who will turn the wheel of dharma with his deep and thoughtful teaching.

Significance of brass buddha statue

Now that we know the story of lord Buddha we will talk about how his statues became popular. The oldest statue can be traced back to the 2nd to 3rd century in the Gandhar region currently in Pakistan. The idols were from the Kushan empire. In early days the Buddha statues did not directly depict him. They would use symbols like the Dharmachakra or wheel of Dharma, sandals or the empty seat under an umbrella. And many more. 

The inspiration to make different statues came from different phases of his life. We will talk about two of them down below:

  • Sleeping Buddha – This Brass Buddha Statue is a great example of a meaningful ending. In this picture, he is seen resting his head on his knee as if he is sleeping but actually he is entering panama nirvana. Having a sleeping buddha statue comes with many benefits.

When we talk about sleeping buddha, we must remember that he has spent all his life teaching us the truth behind achieving  happiness comes from detachment. More we are attached to something, the more we get upset and sad. The key is to accept the changes without struggle.

  • Buddha head –  The Buddha Head is a fairly modern day artefact which has a unique blend of modern and cultural. The head buddha is the representation of his wisdom. There are many reasons to keep a Buddha head around you. 

If you think of negative things or are surrounded by negative people, it can get hectic. We are talking about guilt, anger, sadness, frustration, annoyance, fear etc. If it persisted long enough it can create negative aspects in your life. Having a Buddha head is said to bring peace and positivity that will help to drag the negativity out of the house. If it is placed correctly then it is believed to reduce the effects of Vastu Dosh or in some cases totally remove it from the place.

Benefits of having a Brass Buddha Statue idol at home

  • Having a Brass Buddha statue is said to increase the vibrations of a place. 
  • If you are suffering from nightmares, then having a sleeping Brass Buddha Statue in your bedroom is said to clean the atmosphere from the persistent negativity which could be responsible for nightmares.
  • The Buddha Head is said to be a great choice for improving mental well-being.
  • The positive energy from the brass buddha statue is said to help enhance the concentration power.
  • Having a brass buddha statue during meditation is believed to help in betterment of focus.

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Is Gautam Buddha idol good for home?

Now that we have talked about Gautam Buddha’s life and his journey of enlightenment after which we talked about a few types of buddha statues and benefits of having the brass buddha statue at home.

After all that we can say that – Yes, Having a Gautam Buddha idol is good for home. 

Hope we were able to provide all the information that you need.

Thank you for reading till the end.

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