Latest Ecommerce Trends to Boost Your Revenue in 2022

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A lot has changed in the past years in the field of eCommerce. Technology has greatly progressed and has opened new doors for businesses. While every year certain trends remain unchanged, this year will see a bunch of new methods of marketing. 

To help you stay on track, we are here with 8 trends that can help brands increase their revenue in 2022. 

8 eCommerce Trends to Boost Your Revenue

Below are 8 trends every marketer should know in 2022. The list contains the most essential trends that shouldn’t be missed. 

  • Targeted Ads 
  • AI
  • Zero party data
  • Sustainability
  • Better Shipping
  • VR and buying experience 
  • Reusability
  • Mobiles and ecommerce 

Now let’s talk about each trend in more detail.

Targeted Ads 

Targeting a certain audience isn’t new but new methods are surely appearing that do things faster. Many marketers are now using datasets to understand their ideal customers. Ads are targeted to people based on their consumption and then the same audience is retargeted. 

That way, a higher ROI is achieved. The reason why this works is that the ads are targeted at an optimum time to the right potential customers. 

If you have just started and are new to marketing and web development, then hiring experts for this purpose is a good idea. You can outsource eCommerce website development to regions like Pakistan, Malaysia, India, etc. 

These regions offer high-end services at very reasonable charges. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Automation has made everything easier and the same can be said for marketing. Through chatbots and virtual assistants, services and customer care can be greatly improved. AI chatbots work 24 hours, 7 days a week, delivering high-quality customer service. Plus, they can be integrated with shopping carts as well. 

Instead of hiring humans to cater to customer needs, AI can be used to get better results. AI can help businesses understand customer needs and can improve lead generation as well. 

Zero party data

The year 2021 saw a setback to third-party data. With Apple improving data privacy, the age of zero-party data began. For brands that want to stay afloat, this trend is very important to follow. Zero-party data means that you are collecting data from your customers directly. 

Adapting to this new trend will make sure you are up-to-date. Also, you are saved from future changes that can affect the way you collect user data. 


As technology advances and the population rises, human needs increase and that leads to unsustainable practices. To make more products, and to generate more revenue many companies adopt practices that are bad for the planet and are leading to environmental concerns. 

That is where sustainable brands take the lead. With eco-friendly methods and technology, many brands are gaining customer trust. These brands are luring customers who are worried about the future of our planet. The trend of sustainability will surely grow stronger and will be seen everywhere in 2022. 

Better Shipping

People are shopping online, more than ever. The pandemic has made online shopping an important part of every household and people are now looking for better ways to shop. As a website owner, you should consider upgrading the shipping options on your website to meet the growing demands. 

With Amazon, introducing drone deliveries, the competition is getting tougher. Same-day deliveries and faster shipping methods are taking over, so you should make sure you aren’t left out. Another thing you can do is to make checkout and payments easier. One way to do that is by allowing guests shopping. 

That way, customers won’t need to sign in and can shop faster. If you want to make things more efficient, using a plugin can save you the struggle. WooCommerce for that matter offers a range of options with multiple WooCommerce plugins for every function.

Through the use of plugins, you can upgrade your entire website and make shopping easier for your audience. 

VR and buying experience 

Online shopping is still considered risky by many. Many times, you buy something and it’s different when it’s delivered to you. That breaks customer trust and interest which is very damaging for any brand.

Luckily, some tools can help gain customer trust, one of them being VR (virtual reality). Through VR you can show the customer what a product looks like in reality so they can make the decision easily. Through VR a brand can establish itself as a professional and reliable business that sells exactly what it displays. 


As mentioned earlier, a growing trend in 2022 is eco-friendly eCommerce. Through policies and methods that work in favor of the planet, many brands can boost customer response and interest. Reusability is a part of that trend where reusing items and selling used goods are promoted. 

With so many products available online, the purchase of used or “pre-loved” goods, seems an economical option to customers. It also works in favor of e-store owners who can attract a large number of people.

Mobiles and Ecommerce 

Nowadays, more people are using mobile phones than ever before. From watching videos to playing games and from photography to chatting, smartphones do it all. This makes it important for marketers to target mobile users, as mobile users make a huge audience that can’t be missed. 

To benefit in the era of smartphones, optimizing your eCommerce website for mobiles is crucial. From product pages to payment pages, everything should work for both mobile and laptop users. If the website under-performs, loads slowly, and isn’t readable, the customer is lost. 

Final Words 

In this article, we talked about 8 trends that will shape marketing strategies in 2022. From sustainable practices to the use of AI and from zero-party data to AI, we will see lots of changes in the way products are marketed. 

The above tips are just a few and we recommend you dive deeper to find out more useful tips and trends on marketing. 

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