Netgear Extender Not Showing in the Network List? 4 Tips to Solve This.

Netgear extender not showing network

In the technological world, there are a lot of problems related to the device and I have one problem related to the device that is Netgear extender not showing network. The device has 800 Megabits per second speed of internet. The device is connected to the router to increase its performance.

This mainly made for low network zones to increase the signal waves on that place. The internet signal coverage of the device is 1200sq.ft. with the connection of up to 15 devices for a stable and powerful connection. The device is contented to the computer through the Ethernet cable and wifi to access the point. The design of the device is made to fix every switch. 

Mostly, this extender connects to the router using the WPS button. The WPS button is given on the right side of the device. There is one Ethernet port and two antennas to build a strong connection for enjoyment such as streaming videos, watching movies, playing online games, etc. you can take the mywifiext setup guide from the tether app of the device and the envelope pages of the device.

Features of the Netgear dual-band range booster

To commence with, There are multifarious features of the Netgear wireless device.

Easy to set up

The setup of all extenders is simply because for the setup you need to tap the WPS button and in the 5 minutes, the setup process is completed. Sometimes, due to some networking issues, some people need to set them up manually.

Extend wireless coverage

The device is used to increase the power of the network range. The extender boosts the speed of the routers by approximately 1200sq.ft. but the signal strength is possible depending on the location of the device. If you place any device in the wrong location. So, it does not send proper signals.


The design of the repeater is very short like a charger. The device easily fixes any power switch. There are two external antennas and some LED lights on the device such as 2.4GHz, 5GHz, power, router, and device. The router light is blinking when your extender is connected to the router and the device light blinking when your extender is connected to the computer or laptop.

Best reliability

The reliability of the device is for every device and router. The device is connected to the computer or laptop through the Ethernet cable.

More secure and safe

The device is safe from the hacking and theft of personal information. You can set a secure password and this from time to time.

Tips to solve the issue of Netgear device icon not showing in the network list

Sometimes, due to technical and internet issues, the Netgear device name is not showing in the wifi network list of the computer. To solve this, follow the following steps which are given on the underlines. 

Connect different device

If your device is not showing the device name. Thus, follow these steps for the connection. First, try to connect the other device network to your computer. Then, your computer is connected to a different device. So, the problem is with your extender. Thus, connect to your device’s internet service provider. If your computer is not connected to a different device. So, the problem is with your computer. Therefore, go to a mechanic shop and repair your computer.

Update extender’s firmware

Sometimes, your device is not connected due to the old version. To solve this problem, open the web browser. Search the IP address of your extender. Login to your device. Open the settings, click on the update version. After that installation of the file is started. After completing this, click on the file. Your extender automatically restarted. Then,  connect your device to the extender again.

Enter correct password

When you connect the computer to the extender and you enter the wrong password. Or you see in the network list, where there is an extender network icon.

To solve this, enter the correct password. If you do not know the correct password. So, contact the internet service provider to solve this. Follow the instructions of the ISP which he asked.

Reset your device

Due to the wrong setting, it does not show the network. You should reset your extender from the device button and from the settings. Then, set the settings again.


My friend brought this device from amazon to the home network signals. His home is very big. 

The router is incapable of sending the network to all rooms. I saw the netgear_ext at the table. I connected my device to the extender and I went to the top roof of the house. Where the extender network is good. When I went back, I read all about this device. I suggested this device to many people and I also purchased this device.

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