Quick Technique  to Import EML to Gmail: An Expert Guide

Import EML to Gmail

Summary:-Nowadays, many users search for a method to import EML to Gmail. If you are also one of those who wants to convert EML to Gmail then this article is beneficial for you. In the blog, we will discuss the reasons why users need to transfer EML to Gmail. Here, we have mentioned the manual methods using Windows live mail to extract attachments from EML files. If you want to use any other easy and fast technique then you can use the automated technique using a tool named EML Converter also mentioned in this blog. Before going the manual way let’s know some specific reasons to upload EML to Gmail.

Reasons to Convert EML to Gmail

  1. It is not easy to access EML files, which cannot be opened with a specific email program.
  2. The EML file format is prone to corruption, especially when it has been stored for long periods of time.
  3. Many features in Gmail can help users manage their email data more efficiently.
  4. EML does not provide high-security measures like Google does for email.

How to Import EML to Gmail Manually

The method uses Windows live mail to transfer data from EML to Gmail. Follow the given steps to complete the conversion process. 

Step 1. Import EML files in Windows live mail.

  • First, open the Windows Live Mail application on your system.
  • Select file option. Tap on Import message. 
  • Then Click on the Windows Live Mail option. 
  • Then, choose the browse option and Click on the Next button. 
  • Select all folder or any specific folder to import EML file to Windows live Mail.
  • After that, Click on the Next button. 
  • The importing process will start.

Step 2. Configure Gmail account in Windows Live Mail

  •   First, open Windows Live Mail option.    
  • Then, select the Account tab option from the ribbon.
  • After that, will get into the new Windows. Enter all the required information.
  •   In the configuration setting Window. Mention all your server details. 
  • After completing all these steps Click on the Finish button. 
  •  Now, your Gmail account starts appearing in Windows Live Mail.

Follow the above-mentioned manual method to convert OLM to Gmail. But using manual methods has some of the limitations given below. 

Limitations Of Using Manual Methods

  1. This method is time-consuming and does not provide security. 
  2. It requires lots of technical knowledge to use this method.
  3. A work approach requires accurate settings and configurations.
  4. It does not provide a batch conversion feature to convert multiple EML files at once. 

All the above-mentioned are drawbacks of manual methods to upload EML to Gmail. To avoid this type of problem you can take the help of the automated method that is mentioned in the next context. 

Automated Approach to Convert EML to Gmail

To open EML files in Gmail use the most reliable automated tool EML Converter. I also tried this technique and it gives the proper result without any small errors. You can also use this method if you want to make your task easy. By using this method you can export multiple EML files to PST at once. Due to its user-friendly interface both technical and non-technical people can easily use this method. It can also import EML to Outlook The software provides many advanced features that makes the process easy. Let’s see the whole article in a few words.


In this blog, we learned about the manual method to import EML to Gmail. We discussed the manual steps in detail. However, using the manual methods has limitations. Therefore, we have also included the professional method using a tool to import EML files into Gmail. I suggest you use a professional method instead of using manual techniques. 

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