Spring Decor Trends: 5 Spring Colors for Your Home Decor, Bedding & Bath

Home Decor Trends

The early days of spring can be among the most uplifting of the year. The sun is out, and the gloomy skies of winter are behind us. Many people are inspired to do some cleaning this time of year, transitioning their house to prepare for a fresh, new season. From houseplants and throw pillows to cuckoo clocks and photo frames, everything is fair game!

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your space with spring decor trends but you’re unsure about a complete overhaul, recommends tweaking just your color theme to welcome in the season. There are tons of unique colors that can provide subtle accents and show-stopping centerpiece moments throughout your home. Wondering which hues are best? Check out our roundup of the 5 best spring colors for home decor!

Sunshine Yellow

Yellow is such a bright, positive hue that many designers consider it the cheeriest color for spring decor trends. There’s a special yellow color that Pantone calls Illuminating that could be the perfect choice for your home. It sparkles with vivacious life, and it imbues your home with a warming shade of sunshine. We recommend incorporating it into your home in small doses. You can opt for something transitional, like flowers, or get a bit bolder with a throw blanket in the living room or fun table cover in the dining room.


After just freeing yourself from gray, gloomy skies, you might be surprised to see this color on the list. However, depending on your styling, gray can be the perfect contrast to some of the more overwhelming spring colors for home decor. Consider lighter shades of gray, like the colors of pebbles on the beach or other elements of the natural world. A shade like Pantone’s Ultimate Gray has a quiet strength that encourages composure and resilience. We love seeing gray with a bright sunshine yellow or an exciting fuchsia hue!

Some of our favorite places to incorporate gray into spring decor trends include pillow shams, accent walls, and bed skirts. It’s the perfect alternative to white for people who need a neutral shade that isn’t flat. Drop mood-boosting neon signs to your home decor that make a subtle splash with a bit of edge.

Millennial Pink

You shouldn’t be surprised to see this color on our list of spring decor trends, as it has had remarkable staying power since its inception around 2016. It’s actually turned into a year-round color, and you can find home accents in this color for any day of the year. A favorite for many interior designers is to combine this quiet pink hue with shades of camel, taupe, and white. This palette is timeless because of the neutral hues but still ensures your space feels warm and inviting with the addition of a more subtle pink that doesn’t go over the top.

Bright Blue

We’ve explored mostly subtle shades of spring colors for home decor, with the exception of yellow, but that all changes with bright blue! This is a bold yet versatile choice that works really well when paired with green. Both colors remind us of the great outdoors without forcing us to leave the comfort of our homes. Whether you prefer bright blue as an accent color for a rug or as a statement piece like your couch, anything you choose in this hue lends an air of luxury to your space. Go even more luxe with your spring decor trends when you combine this color with touchable textures, like velvety throws and shag carpeting.


Whether you combine it with bright blue or use it alone, green is another versatile shade for spring decor trends because it comes in so many different tones. For spring, we love seeing a muted sage green because it feels so organic and fresh. It’s also a perfect option for every type of space because it’s such a non-gendered color, mainly evoking nature as opposed to an identity tied to a human perspective.

Refreshing Your Space with Spring Colors for Home Decor, Bedding & Bath

Now it’s time to bring these spring decor trends to life in your own home! Bolster the pieces you already have with a few new products, and you’ll be living in a space that feels completely revamped in no time!

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