The Most Popular Indian Items at America’s Biggest Indian Grocery Store 


Groceries are essential for every home. But grocery shopping is a critical task nowadays in a busy working lifestyle. There are more than millions of Indian products that are shipped to the USA and other countries as well. You can buy Indian groceries online from the best online supermarket. Many Indians living in the USA are accustomed to Indian grocery items. Because every Indian remains homesick for their land and discovering Indian products.  

If you are peeking for the most popular Indian items at America’s biggest Indian grocery store, this blog is for you. You will understand the best reliable platform where you can buy them.  Kesar Grocery is the best online grocery delivery platform that sells all kinds of Indian groceries and food items. Though several online platforms sell Indian groceries in the USA, everyone looks for products of good quality that are available at affordable prices. 

The categories for the most popular Indian items are listed as under. These categories contain the best-selling grocery item brands in the USA. 

Indian Tea  

India is the second most huge tea producer in the world. Russia, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States are India’s top export markets. The Assam, Darjeeling, and Nilgiri teas are known for their enriching flavours, intense tastes and powerful aromas globally. So, everyone demands Indian tea brands like Wagh Bakri, Jivraj, Red legal etc. It is budget-friendly too. India fulfils the goal of supplying high-quality tea to multinational customers. 

Lentils and Pulses   

Lentils and Pulses are healthy sources of protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and fibres. Consumption of it is very beneficial as it is fat and cholesterol free. You can shop at an affordable price. You can have it in your daily diet plan. 

Types of Lentils and Pulses:  

  •  Split & skinned green gram   
  • Yellow gram   
  • Red lentils   
  • Black gram   
  • Split Bengal gram   
  • Horse gram   
  • Chickpeas and Black chickpeas   
  • Black-eyed peas   
  • Pigeon Pea   
  • Pinto beans   
  • Black turtle beans   
  • Dried peas   
  • Kidney beans  


India is the greatest exporter of rice. The nation’s fundamental type of gain is agriculture, and rice is immeasurably grown and exported. It is shipped to many countries. Rice is one of the highest consumed groceries worldwide. It has the best nourishing benefits that are required by the body. You can buy any type based on your requirement. 

There are types of rice:   

  • White Rice  
  • Basmati Rice   
  • Jasmine Rice   
  • Long-Grain White Rice   
  • Brown Rice   
  • Black or Forbidden Rice   
  • Bomba or Valencia Rice   
  • Short-Grain Rice   
  • Parboiled Rice   
  • Wild Rice   

Indian Spices  

Indian spices enhance the taste of the food and are also beneficial to human health. The Export of Indian Spices is increased all over the world. A great amount of Indian spices is also shipped to the USA as those flavours are too famous in the nearby market. When all the spices are combined, it delivers a pure, authentic taste to your food. All sorts of these spices are available in all online grocery retailers. You can shop for Indian spices online. 

Indian spices include,  

  • Clove    
  • Cardamom   
  • Black pepper   
  • Cumin   
  • Mustard seeds   
  • sesame seed   
  • Fenugreek   
  • Turmeric   
  • Red Chilli Powder   
  • Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder   
  • Black Salt   
  • Saffron   

Cooking oils and Ghee  

Cooking oils and Ghee are basic grocery products that cook all the food. They provide important nutrients for a nutritious diet and a rich energy source for human nourishment. You can have them from online grocery stores at the best price in the USA. They deliver certain savours to your food and alluring functions while cooking. 

The best-selling oils and Ghee are: 

  • Parachute Organic coconut oil 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Palm oil 
  • Olive oil 
  • Amul Ghee 
  • GRB Pure Cow ghee 
  • Patanjali Cow Ghee 
  • GRB Buffalo Ghee 
  • Gowardhan Ghee 

Key Takeaway

You can buy all the above-listed grocery items online and taste Indian items at your place. Kesar Grocery aim to supply customers with the best quality products at a lower price than the market rate in all over USA. We have the top-selling grocery items online in the USA, and you will experience fast delivery. Online grocery delivery companies offer a wide range of the most famous Indian products.

You can shop groceries from Kesar Grocery and get optimum discounts. Also, there are plenty of varieties in each category which you can select them as per your preference.

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