The Top Five Causes of Plumbing Problems and how to deal with them

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Plumbing problems are not less than any worst nightmare. The water leakage issues are expensive and bring inconvenience for homeowners. Even you have to shut off all the water sources until the plumber does repairs after finding the root cause of water leakage. 

There are various reasons associated with the plumbing problems. Before looking for a plumber Buena Park, it is your liability to detect the major cause of the plumbing issue. Are you aware of the reasons for plumbing problems?

If not, the below-mentioned information is appropriate for you. Here are the five major causes of plumbing issues and ways to deal with them.

Dripping pipes and Faucets 

Detecting the leaking faucet or leakage in the water heater is not a daunting task for homeowners. Additionally, it is one of the common plumbing issues that homeowners face. 


The major reason behind the leaking faucet is the damage to the washer. The main work of the washer is forming the seal on the tap. Due to this damage, the washer will not seal tightly. A leak can occur because of deterioration, high water pressure, and so on. 

How to fix this problem?

The best way to deal with the problem of dripping faucets is to get in touch with professional plumbing services. The homeowner can also fix this problem by using accurate tools and knowledge of plumbing. 

Clogged Drains and Toilets 

While cleaning the sink and taking a shower, you may figure out the clogged drains. Some common indications state the clogging, like backing up the water in the toilet bowl. 


The major reason for this plumbing issue is a blockage in the drain. For example, a hair and shampoo lid can block the pipe. Suppose something un-dissolvable things flushed in the toilet. It can become the reason for a clogged drain. 

How to tackle this problem:

An ideal way to handle this plumbing issue is to clean the drain frequently. When you find the various slow, there is an issue with the sewer line. The professional can handle this complicated problem. To cope with this situation, you can contact a professional plumbing service. 

Water Heater issue 

It is not difficult to spot the water heater problems. If you get freezing water instead of hot water, your water heater may have problems. It is not only the sign, but you may also experience: 

  • Dripping water 
  • Discolored water 
  • Noise from the water heater 

In some cases, you can easily resolve the issues, but looking for plumber Buena Park is the only solution to repair this problem. 


The main reason for the heater issue is leaking. If the mineral deposits in the water heater, you may experience problems in the water heater.

How to fix this problem 

Look for a pilot light in case of a gas water heater. If this light is not on, it means the unit cannot produce hot water. You can check the temperature setting. If you find the water pooling, contact the plumber. There are chances of leakage in the tank and require replacement.   

Low water pressure 

Slow water affects the daily routine of all the family members. If the water pressure is low, you need to invest quality time in dishwashing. The homeowners cannot take the problem of slow water pressure lightly. 


If most people living nearby face this problem, the problem may be breakage in the main water line. It means there is no problem in the home that becomes the reason behind slow water. Along with it, small leaks can be the reason too. 

How to deal with this problem: 

If the build-up is the reason, commence the procedure with aerators or locate the water pressure issues. Unscrew the tap for cleaning. Keep the aerators in vinegar solution for one night. If you cannot remove the aerator, pour the vinegar into a plastic bag. Further, tie that bag to the faucet. Aside from this issue, get in touch with a professional. 

Running Toilet

Undoubtedly, the sound of running a toilet is not bearable and annoying too. There is also the wastage of water because of this plumbing issue. 


When the toilet’s mechanism does not work properly, it can lead to running the toilet. The issue can because: 

  • Imbalanced float
  • Loose tubes
  • Leak and so on

How to repair the problem of running toilets?

Closely examine every component to figure out the problem. Make sure that the fill tube is connected with the overflow tube. Check whether the chain is connected with the flapper or not. Apart from it, if you cannot fix the issue on your own, you can get in touch with a professional plumbing service.

These are some common problems and reasons behind the plumbing issues. Once the homeowner finds the issue, it can be easier for them to commence the process of looking for a plumber Buena Park service.

How to hire the best plumbing service?  

Hiring the best and most experienced plumber is essential. Make sure that the plumbing service you will be going to choose can repair the complex problem. 

By choosing the right plumber, you will get the work per your requirements. Before looking for plumber Buena Park, the below-mentioned are the factors to look for: 

Consider their licensure and Accreditations 

Some of the states require plumbers that have licenses and are accredited. On the other sides, some of the areas do not have this. In this case, you can check their reviews and claims. If you find the complaints and negative reviews more than positive, remove their name from the list. You can explore the website and check their license.


A reputable and prominent plumbing contractor must have experience of several years in this field. The longer they are in the plumbing business, the greater the chances of providing top-notch work quality. It is a sigma rule while hiring the plumbing service. 

Their charges 

Once you get experienced and licensed plumbers, the next step is to check the price. Get the approximate idea of companies’ costs so that you can make the comparison. Various plumbing services provide the best plumbing work at a reasonable price. 

Warranty and insurance 

Unprofessional plumbers can cause damage to your property. But numerous reputable plumbing companies can easily cover these problems. If any injury is caused to the premises, the professional plumber must cover such issues. Some of the services assure you about the warranty of products. 


By which way will you get the knowledge about professionalism? 

All you need to do is check their website and the information they provide. Gather the information related to what sorts of services they provide and how much time they take to answer the customer inquiries. 

Ask for the recommendations. 

You can take the suggestions from your kith and kin about the plumbing services. There are some chances that they used plumbing services in the past. They will surely guide you about services and help you choose the right one. 

Final Verdicts

So, do not get confused among plenty of plumbing services while looking for Plumber Buena ParkFocus on the factors as mentioned above and choose the best service that completes the work within a specific time.  

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