Top 10 Yoga Accessories for 2021

You know starting a yoga practice is an awesome way to reduce anxiety, stress and improve mental health. It also help to move your body and muscles through its natural motion and with right flow. I want to tell that many studies show that regular yoga practice which reduces the risk of blood cholesterol and heart diseases.

As everyone knows due to pandemic you can’t go outside for practicing so you can do at home which is good and safe. For doing yoga you need some essential accessories and added this in a list according to your need and I also mention which brand is good to use according to me.

  1. Yoga Mat:

As you know yoga will start with your mat so your mat is of good quality. Once time my friend has told me rumi earth’s sun yoga mat is top yoga mat for mat’s performance.  This yoga mat is made of cotton and natural rubber which give awesome grip and durability, it also contain open cell design so sweat doesn’t occur on surface and it is less slippery than others mats. Yoga mat is helps to practitioners keep hold strong on surface and it also prevents from many loss of heat, charge or energy from body.

  1. Best Yoga Strap: 

As everyone know yoga straps is very helpful and safely stretch for hamstring, it bands and adductors while reduce stress on shoulder and the neck.  Yoga straps will be used to hold poses around your feet and especially tight hips. If you are in standing poses then there strap is help to increase your flexibility around foot without losing form because there balance is key. Everyone wants thin straps which can prevent from injury, easy to wash so you can use rumi earth yoga straps it is awesome.

  1. Yoga Bolster: 

If you don’t know then I will clear doubts about bolster, it is a popular yoga accessory of dense size pillow which used to support main parts of body in different position, provide comfort and increases stretching. So when you buying a bolster then five thing always keep in mind that is shape, weight, size, color, pattern and filling. Yoga bloster is normally come in three shapes lean, rectangular and cylindrical shape. You have to decide which is good according to your goods and size also.

  1. Yoga Block:  

You know beginner yogis and experienced people are always use yoga blocks and get benefits like it keep straight spine in some poses. It helps to prevent your muscles from straining, deepen stretch during yoga session and keep in proper alignment in poses. You know it is also helpful for someone to reach floor during yoga stretch who doesn’t able of flexibility. You can use rumi earth blocks, it is firm and durable. 

  1. Yoga wearable weights:

Add a component in strength training like these wearable weights which challenges to our body in different way in yoga. You can get all benefits of yoga workout which increase body’s ability to improve muscles, heart health and muscles flexibility. You can use these wearable weights on ankles or wrists and those which are made of neoprene are more comfortable on skin. 

  1. Yoga Towel:

Yoga towel is necessary accessories and use to wipe sweat off our brow during to make our mat grippier during hot yoga. When you folded up, then you can add more padding for knees or crown of head during headstands. You know I always borrow towel with yoga mat which tends to harmful bacteria and viruses so I don’t have to worry about mat. You can use nabaji’s microfiber towel which come in four different sizes for different bodies and it is highly absorbent. These towels are quick to dry, easy to wash and light.

  1. Yoga Bottle:

If you are doing yoga and stay hydrated is important. You know who drank after before and after yoga then there is some experience of dehydration than didn’t instead of these I f you are do low key flow then rehydrating can keep your brain happy and muscles.  So a large, reusable water bottle is an awesome way to make hydrating the day. You can also use tempshield which keep water cold for 24 hours according to warm of class or house.

  1. Yoga Knee Pad:

It is also useful and important accessories which you can buy. You know yoga can be killer for your knees so knee pad is give extra comfort and cushioning to mat, also make easier to get some poses. I uses sukhamat yoga knee pad it is awesome, soft, secure, small and lightweight to fit yoga mat bag in storage.  It is also in perfect size and not awkwardly for hanging. So if you have yoga mat but still you notice some discomfort so there is need of knee pad.

  1. Yoga Pants:

As you know yoga paints is quite a variety of setting which become fashionable but it also an important yoga accessory for you so you have to must keep a yoga pants. Yoga pants are helpful for you to do yoga in easy way like durability, stretchiness and take different position. Lulu lemons pants are very good because their fabric will provide you good amount of positioning, durability and stretchiness. It is also sweat resistant and also contain waistband which doesn’t curl.  So you can buy these pants, it is some costly but useful for you.

  1. Yoga T-shirt:

You have to must include yoga t-shirt in yoga accessories and can wear your plain t-shirt while yoga but you know yoga top is made of same luon material. I have suggestion that you can use lululemons shirt, it is a awesome option to add in your yoga accessories and more breathable, moisture wicking. This shirt has a seamless construction with good stretch ability so you can use while running or training. It is also helpful for wick sweat and prevents from smell.  

   Bottom Line:

You know yoga is best workout for body and it made better with some yoga accessories. So these are the best yoga accessories which can help you to do yoga in comfort way and choose according to your comfort. You can get these yoga accessories in your budget so don’t take tension to spend much money.

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