Top 4 Photoshop Tricks for Startups

PDF to PSD Converter

Yes, Photoshop (PS) is software that comes with numerous great tools and functions, which entirely keep the professional photography world turning. There are multiple photo editing tools, but oftentimes photographers commence with Adobe Photoshop for basic editing. 

When you people are working within the Adobe Software family, the time comes when you need to convert PDF to PSD. For such conversion, an online PDF to PSD Converter is the best way to turn PDF into PSD (Photoshop Document) image file. 

Well, no matter how much you’re familiar with PS tools, here are some amazing tricks to improve your Photoshop experience within no time. 

How to Scale Layer Style/Effects:

Whenever you want to apply a layer style to an object, you ought to adjust how much of a layer style you need to be applied by simply right-clicking on the Layer Style icon (fx) and just choosing the Scale Effect. Once done, the dialogue box opens, here you can readily scale effects by just moving the slider. And, if you have to notes PDF and looking for a way to convert them into PSD, then a free PDF to PSD converter online helps you to save PDF as PSD (Photoshop Document) image file. 

How Do you Open Layered File as a Flattened Image:

You can see that if the file comes with lots of layers, it can take lots of time for loading all the layers. The instant and swift way to open a flattened version of a file is just to move to File > Open and simply find the layered file that you want.

Well, before tapping on the Open button, you just ought to hold down Shift + Alt. Once done, you get the dialog to read composite data, tap Yes now. Right after. The Photoshop program will instantly open a flattened version of that file. Well, the online converter is the best site to perform numerous quality PSD conversions, it provides you with the best online PDF to PSD converter that even also supports batch file conversion. 

How to Open a File Quickly:

Typically, there are two best ways to open a file in Photoshop such as:

  • You just have to stick with a keyboard shortcut 


  • You just need to double-tap in the pasteboard inside the Photoshop (PS) to automatically bring up the Open dialog box

Remember that the latest versions of Photoshop (PS) comes with the multi-tab document interface, this is the trick that will only work best if you don’t have another document open. If your multiple PDF document files does not open in Photoshop, then it’s great to convert PDF to PSD. For your convenience, an online PDF to PSD converter is best for particular file conversions. 

How to Sample Background Colors Quickly:

You just have to make a tap on a sample color by using the Eyedropper tool that changes the foreground color. Remember that by holding the Alt while tapping on a sample color, you will be able to change the background color.

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