Top 5 Magento extensions that can make your life easier

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There is no doubt that Magento is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms available today. What makes it even more preferable to retailers and business owners is that it is an open-source platform. This enables the users to download and modify their online store according to their needs. Moreover, you can also add different extensions and tools to make your online store more efficient and easy to manage. 

There are many paid and free extensions available which you can use to automate many of your business tasks. Further, if you want a customised extension you can hire a Magento agency in London and get a customised extension based on your unique needs. Varying from sending emails to collecting reviews, there is an extension or tool available for everything. To make things easier for you, we have made a list of the top 5 useful Magento extensions:

  1. Yotpo- There is no greater and influential marketing strategy than word of mouth. This is exactly what Yotpo does, collect customer reviews in a systematic way, give rewards to people who leave the reviews and even turn the reviews into social media ads. According to different survey reports, people believe in surveys more than professional branding ads. Start leveraging the power of reviews for building trust and using that trust to generate more sales. This is preferred by many Magento developers in the UK.
  2. Zendesk- When you are in the eCommerce business, you would be receiving questions from customers to enquire about different things. From product availability to returns, people may want to know about anything. Here, Zendesk can help you to integrate all your interactions in one place. For instance, you can integrate, and other addresses in one place. Moreover, Zendesk offers you an effective way to raise tickets to anyone in your team and they can help to resolve the customer’s problem. With excellent customer service, you increase your chances of converting a visitor into your customer.
  3. Blog pro by Amasty- This extension fulfils all your blogging needs. Your marketing efforts are incomplete without blogging as content marketing is one of the most effective techniques for building brand awareness. You can customise the colour scheme, layout and add tags to your content. Moreover, it is SEO friendly and can help you to improve your ranking in the search engines. 
  4. Metrilo- It is an effective CRM Software and Email marketing platform that can help you to understand your customers in a better way. As your store keeps on gathering the data, Metrilo helps in converting that data into useful reports which you can use to customise your offers and give an even better user experience. Other than Email marketing automation, you also get retention analyses, marketing channels analyses, complete customer profiles and much more.
  5. This can help you to create loyalty reward points programs for your Magento website. For instance, you can choose to give rewards when a customer signs up or when they make a purchase. The customers can use these rewards to pay for the next order. This can build loyalty among your customers as they would come to your website again to use the reward points they have earned. You can also make convincing referral programs using

Conclusively, managing an online store can be too much, but by using the right tools and extensions you can automate many of your tasks. These are some of the tools which you can use to manage your Magento store with ease, however, the list of useful tools can go on and on. This is so because Magento is an open-source platform, any developer can create an extension according to their own needs.

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