Top 6 Advantages of React Native to Build a Complete Chat App in 2021

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What is your communication strategy? Are you currently happy with the results of your engagements with clients? Did you know that a poor communication channel can slow down your lead generation activities?

You must have heard the prime rule that engagement matters when managing a business.

Today clients will always prefer or choose brands that make it easy for them to clarify doubts or reach out quicker. While there are multiple communication channels available in the market, the modern businesses of today, or rather the futuristic business requires a personalized platform of communication. Here is when real-time chat applications come into the picture.

From providing tons of efficient features to offering high-end security, engagements conducted using them will only enhance the communication experience you visualize in offering your clients.

But did you know that creating your chat application is easier with a simple tool?

That tool is called ‘React Native Real-Time Chat’.

Advantages of Using React Native Chat App

React Native is an open-source framework that has been created by Facebook. Using the same code, react-native lets you create efficient applications that suit multiple devices such as ios, Android, and more.

There is a reason why a react native chat app is in demand. We have covered them all below:

1. Easy to Get Started With

Creating a mobile app from scratch is difficult. It takes up a lot of time to conduct the process and is very difficult. However, creating a chat app with react native framework is an easy process.

Since its platform is simple for developers to understand, the latter can easily create a mobile app without having to compromise on any designs or functionality.

Also, react native’s user interface conducts multiple actions without having to keep the interface all messed up. Thus this lets developers focus on their codes rather than other things.

 2. Budget-Friendly

When you think about creating a mobile app from scratch, the fees or the expenses alone will cost you tons of money.

However, if you use native react to create the same mobile app, the latter will ensure your expenses are cheaper.

Using react native is all about using the same code to conduct multiple actions, hence your application creations will speed up while your expenses or fees will drop.

3. React is an Open-Source Framework

As you’re aware react native is an open-source framework. This clearly states that it is easily available to any developer to get started with their next app creation.

Also since this is an open-source platform, there are multiple benefits that developers will receive.

To name a few, projects will be completed quicker, documentation will be provided and also developers can share their expertise via notes so that fellow developers can have a better understanding of how to create an efficient react mobile app or application.

4. Provides Ready to Use Solutions in Hand

There have been multiple moments whereas a developer you would have got stuck. While creating an application, you would have no idea how to get along further. In such cases, receiving immediate assistance can save you time. Imagine having ready-to-use solutions in hand that can easily cater to your issues immediately.

With react native this is possible. Since react native is open source, developers can easily reach out to other developers to help them clear codes and more. Also with the documentation being available for the react user community, developers can easily find the answers to eliminate their issue.

Also, react-native supports Javascript libraries which in turn can help you in such situations.

5. Caters to Third Party Plugins

If you’ve created an app and that app doesn’t support the common third-party plugins, as a client, would you continue using the app?

The biggest disadvantage an app can have is not supporting common third-party plugins. The reason why supporting third-party plugins is important for an app is because it works on enhancing the functionally and coding is also conducted with ease. This is one of the many reasons why react native is growing popular.

React native supports almost all third-party plugins hence giving developers the choice to enhance or customize their apps better. Also, in case there are a few missing components in the native frameworks, then third-party plugins can easily fill in those gaps.

6. Offers Pre-Built Components and Codes that can Be Used More than Once

Imagine having to use different codes to create multiple devices?

It is not only time-consuming but it takes a lot of effort. But with react native, this issue has been eliminated.

React Native lets you reuse codes to cater to multiple devices. For instance, you don’t require a completely separate application for iOS and Android. Also, react-native offers a vast library of pre-components to choose from that can enhance your creation of a mobile app better.


Building a chat app with react native makes the process much easier. With reusable codes, pre-build components, and all of it in affordable pricing, creating a reactive native mobile app is no longer tedious or time-consuming.

Did you know that there are multiple react native chat SDK solutions available in the market right now?

From offering efficient features to simplifying the process of creating a mobile app, they enhance it all. These types of react-native chat SDK solutions also cover all the benefits of using react as listed above.

So what are your views about react native?

Do you also agree about the benefits it can offer to developers like you? Now that you have a better understanding of the topic, when do you plan to get started with it?

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