Top Places to Visit in Igatpuri

Tringalwadi Fort 

Tringalwadi Fort located in the district of Nashik was believed to be one of the most used ancient routes for trade via Thal gate. The trade route was connected from Konkan to Nashik. There is a dam constructed for irrigation purposes near the Tringalwadi village in 1978. According to the historical records this fort and the caves around the Tringalwadi fort is believed to have been constructed in the 10th Century. It is said that it was captured by the Mughals in 1688 but it was later captured by the British Colonists in 1818. Tringalwadi Fort was won by Shivaji as well but the period remains unknown. 

Kalsubai Peak

The Kalsubai Peak located at a height of 5400 feet is a mountain located in the Western Ghats. It is a spot for discovery as you can locate the hardened flood basalt that could be traced back to the Cenozoic period. Kalsubai Peak is located at Deccan Plateau and it is a huge igneous territory. The naming of the peak was made after one of the three sisters Kalsubai, Ratanbai and Katrabai. The charm of the Kalsubai peak allures a lot of trekkers and hikers towards itself.

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Vaitarna Dam

The Vaitarna Dam of Igatpuri, also known as Modak Sagar Dam is also a Gravity Dam that is situated on the Vaitarna River. Not only it has spread towards the Vaitarna River but also the Godavari River. The Vaitarna Dam came into existence in 1957 and it is 269 feet high and this very dam offers a panoramic scenario of the Western Ghats to the visitors visiting the Vaitarna Dam. Vaitarna Dam provides water facilities in the districts of Palghar and Nashik in Maharashtra.

Vihigaon Waterfall 

The Ashoka Waterfall Vihigaon will take you on a journey through a different scenic beauty that will take you by wonders. The Ashoka Vihigaon Waterfall is settled in the district of Thane and it is famous for being the seasonal waterfall because it becomes more of an alluring zone in the monsoons. The whole region gets covered in green patches that make it more of an exciting spot to visit. The mystical dense forest emits an aura of adventure for the visitors. 

Ghatandevi Mandir

One of the famous pilgrimage sites in the outskirts of Igatpuri but falls under the district of Nashik the Ghatandevi Temple stands with its divinity in the whole region. The drivers and others trying to cross the Ghats offer their prayers to Ghatandevi who is the protector of the Ghats. Navratri is the major festival at Ghatandevi Temple. Ghatandevi is said to be the protector and guardian of the hills. You can feel the serenity and the peaceful environment surrounding Ghatandevi Temple. You can locate Harihar Peak, Trimbak Peak and Durvar Peak from the Ghatandevi Temple premises. The visitors of Tringalwadi Fort seem to visit Ghatandevi Temple mostly. 

Amrutheshwara Mandir

The well-preserved Temple of Amrutheshwara in Bhandardara is taken under the wing of the Archaeological Survey of India. The Temple of Amrutheshwara is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is 1200 years old. The Temple of Amrutheshwara was constructed by the Shilahara Dynasty in the 9th Century. This temple was constructed by Maharaja Jhanj and the style of architecture resembles that of Hemadpanthi style. The inner and outer stone sculptures were made out of red stones and black stones. The beautifully carved out twelve pillars mandapa is sure to grab your attention. 

Dhamma Giri

One of the topmost Vipassana centres, the Dhamma Giri derived its name from being the ‘Hill of Dharma or Dhamma’. The essence of Vipassana meditation has been flourishing at Dhamma Giri in recent years. Now, Vipassana meditation is about knowing yourself by realizing the truth about yourself and with proper mental purification. Though necessarily it is nothing that you have to join an institution, Dhamma Giri allows a purified and peaceful environment for carrying out your meditation at ease with some help. Dhamma Giri in Igatpuri is located 45 kilometres away from Nashik. 

Aundha Fort

Aundha Fort is settled at Aundhewadi village and it is located near the Patta Fort. The Aundha Fort was taken over by the Mughals which was led by Matabarkhan in 1688, who had ordered Shyam Singh as the fort’s prime head. Though it somewhat resembles the structure of Patta Fort. Later the Peshwas drove them away in 1761 which later fell into the hands of the British Colonists in 1818. 

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