Treks for Photography in the Uttarakhand

Valley of Flowers Trek

Dzongri Goecha La Trek

It’s another lovely hike that shows Sikkim’s stunning scenery and culture. Visitors may take breathtaking photos of thick forests brimming with rhododendron, pine, and magnolia trees if they begin their walk at Yuksom, Sikkim’s historic capital.

The tourists will also be captivated by the grandeur of the snow-capped peaks and the lovely meadows. The beauty of the transparent Samiti Lake will enchant tourists as they approach the Goecha La mountain pass. Tourists can snap some magnificent photos of Mt. Kanchenjunga at the Goecha La pass, frame them, and use them to enhance the attractiveness of their houses’ walls.

March, April, and September are the best months to visit.

The following are some of the trek’s most notable highlights:

  • One of the tallest peaks in the world is Mt. Kanchenjunga.
  • Forest ridges are thick and dense.
  • Trees of various types
  • The best vistas of snow-capped mountains may be seen here.
  • The sky is blue.
  • Unusual scenery

Valley of Flowers Trek

The vibrant ‘Land of Flowers,’ perched at a height of about 3500 metres, blooms in the summer and is blanketed in snow in the winter. There are hundreds of different flower species, and it appears that nature has spread a carpet of bright blooms throughout the globe.

The Valley of Flowers, which covers an area of 87.50 square kilometres, is one of the best places to take breath taking photographs that will last a lifetime. The fact that it has been included to the list of World Heritage Sites reflects its popularity. Near the valley, there is a popular wildlife park known as the ‘Valley of Flowers National Park,’ which protects the unique flora and fauna.

The park may be accessed after a short and easy 15-kilometer hike that takes photographers to beautiful waterfalls, lush landscapes, and spectacular snow-draped summits.

Mid-July to Mid-August is the best time to do the Valley of flowers trek.

The Valley’s Most Prominent Highlights:

  • Flora abounds.
  • Alpine flower varieties
  • There are several therapeutic plant species.
  • Endangered species

Auden Col Trek

This trip is located at a height of around 5450 metres and is considered a difficult trek. The views that photography enthusiasts enjoy after finishing the journey, on the other hand, are highly gratifying since they get to observe Mother Nature’s enticing masterpieces.

Two ridges (Gangotri III and Jogin I) and two glaciers (Khatling and Jogin I) are linked by this journey. The journey takes guests through pine and birch woodlands as well as meadows. The breathtaking vista of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks makes the effort and difficulties of walking worthwhile.

Best Time to Visit: June to September

 Highlights of Trek:

  • Enchanting ambience
  • Scintillating Himalayan peaks
  • Masar Tal
  • Vasuki Tal

Zanskar Trek

Zanskar, located in Ladakh, is a lovely high-altitude region with a pleasant environment throughout the year. During the winter, the majority of the land is covered with snow. Trekking through crystal-clear rivers, through difficult terrains, and ascending mountains leads to spectacular historic monasteries and isolated villages that enchant visitors with their divine beauty.

People are filled with renewed delight as the calm environment of the region provides them with newfound joy, and they may remember their visit to the site by photographing it with their camera.

July to September is the best time to visit.

The following are some of the trek’s most notable highlights:

  • Gompas and ancient monasteries
  • Attractive scenery
  • Monastery of Stongdey
  • Valley of Lahaul

The Pin Parvati hike

The Pin Parvati hike is primarily a breathtaking mountain pass in Himachal Pradesh. It connects Kullu’s Parvati Valley with the Spiti’s Pin Valley. A person will wander through lush woods, massive glaciers, and stunning lakes in pursuit of some eye-catching photos. The transformation of snow-covered mountains into golden yellow or grey when the sun’s first rays descend on them is a wonderful scene to photograph.

May to September is the best time to visit.

The following are some of the trek’s most notable highlights:

  • The water sources of Khir Ganga
  • Lake Mantalai
  • Views that captivate
  • Peaks of glaciers

Milam Glacier Trek

Milam glacier is one of Kumaon’s largest glaciers, and it is from here that the holy Gori Ganga river flows. If visitors want to take spectacular photographs, they must first travel to Munsiyari, which is where the hiking begins. Munsiyari is located in Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh District. Visitors will walk through lush bamboo, rhododendron, and chestnut forests to reach the Gori Ganga’s banks.

The breathtaking vista of the Nanda Devi and Hardeol peaks is just what the doctor ordered for a fatigued spirit. When travellers arrive at the Milam glacier, they are enthralled by the breathtaking grandeur of the location. The glacier is surrounded by 52 peaks and proves to be an impressive sight.

Best Time to Visit: May – September

 Highlights of Trek:

  • Different forests
  • Friendly people and villages
  • Wooden bridges
  • Marvelous waterfalls

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