Tried and Tested Methods to Import MBOX to Outlook in 2023

Import MBOX to Outlook

In today’s world, MBOX files are the most well-known file format. Various webmail clients use such file formats for storing their email items, for instance, Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, Mac Mail, Eudora, Powermail, and many more. But nowadays, users are demanding and looking for migrating the Mozilla Thunderbird or any other MBOX-supported email client to MS Outlook due to the vast characteristics of MS Outlook (PST). Furthermore, I will share a brief feature of Microsoft Outlook from the user’s perspective. In addition, I will go through the third-party utility, MBOX Converter Tool to import MBOX to Outlook for easy use. 

Benefits of Using Microsoft Outlook 

As discussed above, I will mention a list of the benefits of MS Outlook. Let me talk about the multiple benefits of Microsoft Outlook.

  • Microsoft Outlook is very user-friendly and well-organized for all mailing users. 
  • MS Outlook is easy-to-navigate for both types of users, technical and non-technical users. 
  • One of the merit while using MS Outlook, users have been permitted to utilize in-built search bars to look for particular tools, Settings Emails, Inboxes, etc.  
  • Users can set event and task reminders by using shared Calendars. 
  • You can access MS Outlook by using various devices, either mobile or desktop. 
  • This email client is the most popular among users for having advanced security.   

Here, you have seen that I discussed some merits of why you must prefer to use the MS Office application. Furthermore, I will provide you with some solutions to upload MBOX to Outlook. If you want to convert MBOX to PST manually then I suggest yo to go through this write-up.

Numerous Ways to Import MBOX to Outlook 

First, I want to clear one doubt that there is no native method to transfer MBOX to Outlook. Therefore, I will take you through three different manual steps to open MBOX file in Outlook. After that, I will also give you a little bit brief of the third-party utility so that you can directly import MBOX to Outlook 2019 or any other version of Microsoft Outlook.  

  • Create your Gmail account and sync to Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Migrate MBOX files to the Thunderbird account
  • Sync and shift the mailbox items to MS Outlook.
  • Trustworthy Solution to Import MBOX file to Outlook

Step 1: Create Your Gmail Account And Sync to Mozilla Thunderbird 

Firstly, I will create my Gmail Account and sync it to my Mozilla Thunderbird account. Just follow the procedure so that you can also make your Gmail Account and sync to Thunderbird. 

  • Just take out your ID and password for your Gmail account.
  • After that, Install and Open the Mozilla Thunderbird webmail client. 
  • Moving ahead, click on Mail > choose Preferences.
  • In the current dialogue box, go to the Accounts option for adding a new mail account.
  • Select the + icon. Afterward, add your respected Gmail account to the Mozilla Thunderbird application. 
  • Just select Google > Continue option.
  • Type the Credentials of your associated Gmail Account > Next button.
  • Select the mailbox item which you will utilize in your Gmail account and Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Now, click the Done option.
  • On your Account screen, add your Gmail account as mentioned on the Left Hand Side of the screen. 
  • Leave the current window and once again sign in to your Mozilla Thunderbird application. 
  • After adding your Gmail account in the Mozilla Thunderbird email client > right button of the mouse. 
  • Lastly, Choose the mailbox of the synced Gmail account > New Mailbox option > OK button. 

However, you have successfully completed the first step to import MBOX to Outlook. Afterward, I will provide two steps to complete the entire procedure to import MBOX to Outlook 2016 with other versions of Outlook. 

Step 2: Migrate MBOX Files to the Thunderbird Account

Secondly, I will migrate my MBOX Files to my respective Thunderbird account. Just follow and understand the step. 

  • In Mozilla Thunderbird, right-click on the Local Folders > Settings.
  • Copy the Local Directory path > Open such location on your PC or Laptop. 
  • Move your MBOX file(s) to this specific location.
  • Reopen your Mozilla Thunderbird Program.
  • After that, your particular MBOX folder will show in your Local Folders.
  • Moving ahead, select all messages that you have opened in your MS Outlook.
  • Click the Right button > the messages that you want to export.
  • If you don’t want to move your emails to Thunderbird, you can simply select the Move to or Copy to option. Through this, you are able to copy the emails from your MBOX Folder and paste it into your Gmail Folder. 
  • Lastly, make sure to check the details of copying and pasting your MBOX folders.  

Step 3: Sync and Shift the Mailbox Items to MS Outlook 

Finally, I will sync and move all my mailbox items or data to my Microsoft Outlook account. 

  • Open your Gmail account that is synchronized in Microsoft Outlook.
  • After that, Add a similar account to Mozilla Thunderbird > move your MBOX items to it.
  • In the end, your entire MBOX messages will be listed in MS Outlook.

From the above three steps, I have successfully completed the entire manual method. If you don’t want to follow the above-mentioned steps, you can directly opt third-party program to open MBOX file in Outlook which will discuss in the next section. 

Trustworthy Solution to Import MBOX file to Outlook

MBOX Converter Tool is the most reliable and efficient utility that I have ever used before. When I need to import MBOX to Outlook, I prefer to use this program as it helps me to import a large number of MBOX files without risking any data. In the migration process, I also provided the preview feature and helps to upload MBOX to Outlook with the attachments.  

Final Words

In this article, I have gone through two different methods that include three steps and a brief introduction to third-party utility to import MBOX to Outlook. You can follow any of the procedures but make sure to choose efficiently and wisely.  

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