Troubleshooting: Vankyo Wireless Portable Projector Not Working

Vankyo wireless portable Projector

In today’s time projectors have become very important, because with it you can see anything on a big screen. The projector is used in many places such as schools, colleges, cinema halls, shopping malls, and many more places. But today’s technology has become very advanced, all the things run only through internet connectivity.

So people also prefer such a projector which runs on internet connectivity because it has many benefits. If you wish to buy such a projector that runs internet or WiFi network connectivity then you surely buy Vankyo wireless portable Projector.

Because the brightness level of this printer is amazing & although provides +60% brightness than ordinary projector. Additionally, it completely supports 1920×1080 resolution that is most suitable for home entertainment as well as cinema halls. 

Besides, the Vankyo projector is securely more suitable for photo sharing, playing videos, football matches, TV series, etc. It is easily connected to the android or iPhone device. The size of this projector is from 32” to 170” and provides the facility to watch shows on a big screen. 

If you wish to share the documents to the Vankyo projector from the iPhone then the user thinks about how to connect Vankyo projector to iPhone, then with the mobile app the iPhone is easily connected to the wireless projector. 

Problems regarding Vankyo Wireless Portable Projector

Many times some problems occur while using a wireless projector, due to which the user is not able to enjoy the projector to the fullest. There are some minor problems that come up while using this device, these problems are as follows.

  • Wireless projector no signal
  • Projector not connecting to the WiFi network
  • Sound has no input
  • Vankyo device not turning ON
  • WiFi projector has no light
  • Blurry image
  • Projector remote unresponsive
  • Vankyo projector is overheating

Troubleshooting methods to fix the several problems about Vankyo Wireless Portable Projector

If the wireless projector is not working show several issues such as not turning, no sound input, not connecting to the WiFi network, blurry image, not turning ON, and many other problems. If you really wish to fix the various in an accurate manner then you need to follow some steps. Because in the given there are some troubleshooting methods that completely solve the several problems. 

Verify the projector power cord

If the wireless projector is not turning ON then you need to verify the power cord. Many times the power adapter you use is useless which means it does not work properly. If the power adapter is not working then your projector is not turning ON.

Many times, the power adapter is not properly connected to the power outlet. The power adapter is loose and does not connect to the power outlet. You take a working condition power adapter & tightly plug it into the power outlet. Mow, you can turn ON the wireless projector. 

Ensure the battery power

Sometimes the battery power of the wireless projector is too low then the LEDs flashes red. With the LEDs light, you can easily know the battery life of this projector. This is another reason the projector is not working. Many times the battery life of this device is damaged, to fix the issue you need to replace the battery. 

Check the Vankyo projector position

Sometimes, you place the projector in an incorrect position, then it is not working. If the projector is not working on the big screen then you need to properly verify the position of the projector. By chance you place the projector in an incorrect position then you need to reposition the projector. The device is positioned such that it easily connects to the screen and your mobile phone. Afterward, accurately work in the proper manner. 

Verify the room temperature

Sometimes the temperature of your room is hot where your projector is placed. If the temperature is hot in your room then the projector is not working. If the room is hot then you need to modify the position of your wireless projector. Then the vankyo projector troubleshooting step is you need to place the projector near the cooling area. In the cooling area, your wireless projector works well. 

Check the sound setting

If the projector is connected to the big screen and working properly but has no sound input then you need to verify the sound setting. Because many times the sound setting is disabled then the sound is no input. To solve this p[ropblem, you need to visit the projector setting. Afterward, enable the sound setting with the sound option. 

Install projection software & modify the router encryption

If the Vankyo projector is not connected to the WiFi network connectivity then the solution is you can install the wireless projection software. With the official website of the projector, you can easily install the projection software and then use it. To fix the not connecting issue, you can change the router encryption. Just use the router’s IP address and then visit the wireless setting. Afterward, quickly change the router encryption. 

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