What are the 10 best 4G Mobile Proxies in 2022?

4G Mobile Proxies

Mobile phones are the most convenient technology that we utilize the most. With the advancement of technology today, we can perform almost all the activities of a computer on our phones. Whether a simple search query or placing online orders, mobile phones are our ultimate solution.

But it often happens that you do not get to access specific sites when you browse from your phone. So here comes the need for a mobile proxy.

What are Mobile Proxies? 

Mobile Proxy is masking the real IP address or VPN of a device so that your identity remains hidden and you can access restricted sites. It is a doorway to assigning mobile IP addresses instead of VPN or residential IPs. 

Based on the fact that a mobile network’s IP address is used to mask the real IP, it is a mobile proxy. 

How do They Work? 

A mobile proxy is also used on any device that isn’t a smartphone or tablet. This is possible if the Proxy uses mobile hardware that allows them to read a SIM card. This could be a mobile dongle, for example.

However, a mobile device must connect to a cellular tower and get assigned to an IP address to connect to the internet. The single tower will connect several mobile IPs belonging to the same network. 

Because the mobile network carrier assigns mobile IPs, they have access to all IP addresses associated with this carrier, which number in the hundreds and tens of thousands.

Mobile proxies are designed to solve Android, iOS, t mobile 4g problems etcto access restricted sites.

Best Mobile Proxies of 2022 

There is a wide range of mobile proxies to choose from. However, here are the 5 bests of them, have a look!!!

1. Proxy Cheap

Proxy-Cheap is one of the best and most affordable providers in the USA, Germany, Mexico, Italy and many other places. It provides access from 127 countries to a 4+ million pool. Moreover, all these come at high speed to enjoy the best browsing experience. 

Besides being budget-friendly, Proxy-Cheap also provides 24x 7 customer support and 99% uptime. Tools like Followplanner, Jarvee, GMT2, Nextpost, Alfred, and MP5 make a compatible match with this mobile Proxy.

So, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly mobile proxy with many perks, opt for Proxy-Cheap unhesitatingly.

2. RSocks

RSocks provides HTTP/s and SOCKS4/4a/5 connections support. It is a service provided in countries like the UK and USA and parts of a few Asian Countries. The best part is that this trustworthy company’s dynamic IP changes every 2 minutes so that you get the best security.

Among their other services like VPNs and residential proxies, mobile Proxy is the best and has a high selling point. However, based on its fastest service and frequent change in IP address, it is best for creating multiple social media accounts. Moreover, it assures not getting detected as fake or bot accounts. 

It has several monthly and weekly plans; you can choose according to your usage and requirement.

3. 3G Proxy

Though it is named and specialized for 3G mobile phones, it also works on 4G mobiles. This company provides worldwide service to 45+ countries serving 130+ mobile operators. It was initially set up to test direct career billing, mobile campaign and SMS delivery services. However, it has now expanded to several more services.

The USP of 3G Proxy is that it uses genuine SIM cards instead of ISPs. Therefore, the chances of getting banned or prohibited are highly improbable. Furthermore, according to the firm, there is no need to reserve a SIM in advance because at least one SIM is always accessible for any of the approved cell carriers. In addition, API access is provided, and a few other useful features such as Chrome integration.

4. ScraperAPI

This is a worldwide mobile proxy provider with multiple customization options to customize request headers, request type, IP geolocation, etc. Moreover, you can reuse IP locations frequently with ScraperAPI. It provides premium mobile proxy pools that are assured of not getting blocked further.

The best part is getting more than 20 million IPs to choose from if you opt for ScraperAPI. Other perks include 99% guaranteed uptime, professional assistance, easy automation, and more. 

5. Bright Data

Bright Data is the ultimate one if you are looking for the most advanced UK 4G mobile proxy. However, it also provides services to countries like USA, Brazil, Canada, India and many others. Formerly called Luminati, Bright Data has a vast pool of more than 7 million IP addresses. 

One of the unique features of this provider is the SDK (software development kit) that is integrated into its applications. Moreover, you are free from advertising once you join Bright Data. The vendor profits from monetizing their app, while customers gain from a better user experience due to the lack of advertisements.


Choosing the perfect mobile Proxy for your phone may seem challenging when you choose from a wide variety of products. However, you can decide based on your requirements as per price, speed and reliability.

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