What are the Best Tires in Dubai?

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Answering the question in the title is not as straightforward as some people like to think. Why? The precise answer depends on a lot of factors. For instance, what type of vehicle do you drive, driving habits, drive terrain, and how much time you spend on the road. All these factors go into determining the right tires for your car. Therefore, instead of answering an unanswerable question, we will focus on the various types of tires. It will help you assess which tire you require. Before we start, let us know how you plan to buy new tyres. We recommend buying online.

Advantages of Buying Tires Online

There are several benefits of buying tires online. We will briefly touch upon a few of them.

Price Comparison

The topmost benefit of buying tires online or any other product is that it allows you to compare prices. For example, you can search the same product on 5-7 websites and then compare prices. If you opt for an offline tire shop, you will have to visit each tire shop one by one. It is exhausting.


Online tire shops in UAE and worldwide offer numerous discounts throughout the year. You can use the discounts to get cheaper tires.

Buy Hard to Find Tires

When you opt to buy tyres from a physical store, some tires are always out of stock because they sell out quickly. In an online tire shop, such issues are rare.

There are countless other benefits of buying tyres online. However, the purpose of this article is to talk about the best tires. Therefore, let us get back to our main topic.

Different Tire Types

When you browse through an online tire shop or visit a physical one, you will find out that there are countless tire types. We will talk about the most common ones:


As the name indicates, car owners can use these tires throughout the year. They offer a balance between traction and performance. While you can use them in mild to moderate conditions, they are not the best for driving in conditions like heavy snow. You can equip these tires on all standard vehicles. If you own a high-end vehicle, we do not recommend these tires as they will prevent you from getting the maximum out of your car.


These are the more premium versions of all-season tires. They offer a higher speed rating and responsive handling. If you own a performance sedan or a sporty vehicle, a touring tire is your best option. You can drive around comfortably without worrying about losing control.


If you live in an area like the UAE, where the climate is warm, summer tires are your best bet. The design is such that they can handle large amounts of heat without bursting or wearing out prematurely.


These have a higher speed rating than touring tires. They can be used with high-end performance and sports vehicles. Performance tires come with silica enriched tread compounds for better traction. Within performance tires, there are various categories, including the ones called ultra-high performance. UHP tires are reserved for vehicles with the most demanding needs.


Imagine a tire you can use to drive in muddy, snowy, rocky, and normal conditions. Well, you don’t need to imagine as all-terrain tires are made especially for this purpose. You can use the tires for on-road purposes or off-road driving. Please note that these tires are made specially made for vehicles that support off-roading. In other words, all-terrain tires are for SUVs only.


If you live in an area that experiences regular snow or the temperatures stay below 20 °C, you need winter tires. They are made to withstand such temperatures. A regular tire in cold temperatures becomes too rigid and cannot provide traction.

Wrap Up

After knowing the various tire types, you can decide for yourself which is the best tire. If you are still confused, you can send us your queries. Thank You.

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