What is CA Foundation Course?

CA Foundation Course

Students who want to become Chartered Accountants must pass the CA Foundation test. The Common Proficiency Test has been superseded by the CA Foundation course (CPT). The test is divided into two parts: the objective and subjective sections.

How Do I Get Ready For The CA Foundation Course?

How can one be ready for the CA foundation course? Creating a CA foundation Do you wish to learn how to breach the CA foundation? If so, attentively read this post as we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to get ready for the CA foundation course in four months. We are all aware that success is a result of hard effort, however, when preparing for the CA Foundation exam, smart work is more important than hard work. Being a chartered accountant is the ambition of every student of commerce.

Every year, thousands of individuals sign up for the CA Foundation Course, but only a select handful are successful. After all, clearing the CA Foundation test on your first attempt is simple. It is a challenging and crucial exam that is part of the course’s entry-level.

CA Foundation Preparation

For students who want to enroll in this course, there is an admission exam called CA Foundation. The Common Proficiency Test (CPT) has been superseded by the CA Foundation, which is now much harder than the CPT. If you wish to become a Chartered Accountant, you must first register for CA Foundation Registration after taking the 12th-grade examinations administered by a separate organization that was created by the Central Government and is required by law. Only after clearing the class 12th Exam is the student qualified to take the CA Foundation exam in 2023.

Students who sign up for the CA Foundation Course are given four months of study time by the ICAI to study for the course. However, the majority of students are unsure about how to be ready for the CA foundation exam in order to perform well on the exam. We all know that the CA Foundation exam is one of the hardest, thus students must devote all of their study time to it.

How do I register with the CA Foundation?

It is extremely simple to sign up with CA Foundation. Simply confirm that you are qualified to take the test. You must take the following actions:

the ICAI website’s online application form.

On the “Students Tab,” you may find the application under “Course Registration Forms.”

Make sure to pay the online registration fees once you’ve entered all the necessary data.

After a successful transaction, the system will generate a form that you must download and print in order to use it.

How to Study for the CA Foundation Examinations

First-time test-takers for the CA Foundation exam have minimal experience with CA Foundation preparation. We are providing you with knowledgeable assistance that will help you succeed in the CA Foundation preparation.

Create a schedule

The first thing you should do before starting your studies is to make a schedule. The students who think that creating a schedule is a waste of time are wrong. Instead of wasting time every day debating what to learn or where to start, come up with an appropriate plan. This will help you in CA Foundation preparation.

Join the appropriate training

The success or failure of a student is significantly influenced by their teachers. Without any assistance and with only passing grades, many students succeed on this test. But I must warn you, students, that having clarity on your concepts is essential from the start because becoming a chartered accountant is a long process that will lead to people referring to you as an expert. This is where competent CA Foundation/ CA CPT coaching may be of great use to you.

Prioritize statistics and logical Reasoning

It is advised that they concentrate on Statistics and Logical Reasoning because CA Foundation Maths does not appear to be a scoring issue for commerce students who do not take math classes. Twenty points are awarded for logical reasoning, while the remaining marks are equally divided between math and statistics.

You Should Create Your Own Revision Notes

The best source notes for CA Foundation preparation are revision because the course is so big it’s practically impossible to review in a single day.


Is it simple to pass the CA Foundation exam?

The CA Foundation exam is a challenging test. It includes lengthy, difficult questions that are both subjective and objective.

Does the CA Foundation exam still stand?

The CA Foundation exam has not been postponed, to be clear. According to the website, the exam will take place in June.

What is the CA Foundation exam’s syllabus?

Numerous areas are covered on the CA exam, including mathematics, accounting, business law, and economics.

What are the requirements to qualify?

The applicant must have passed the senior secondary level 10+2 examination, or its equivalent, from a recognized board or university.

The CA Foundation course is incredibly demanding, therefore it goes without saying that one must work extremely hard for CA Foundation preparation to pass the exam with flying colors. Get in touch with our professional counselors at Parag Gupta Classes if you have any questions or concerns about your plans to study Accountant courses or other professional courses after completing your 12th year of high school in the Commerce stream before beginning your CA Foundation preparation.

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