What’s The Best Platform To Buy And Sell a Business?

Buy And Sell a Business

There are multiple platforms available online. Typically, they are known as marketplaces. They are like Shopify, Exchange, Empire Flippers, and more. It means that deal-making networks are many. 

All thanks to the internet for introducing us to them in a wink! 

The best thing is that you don’t have to start up everything right from scratch for any business. You have online networks that allow you to buy or sell an already up and running business of your interest. So, making your scalability dreams come true has never been as easier as it’s today.  

Best Platforms to Buy or Sell a Business 

Here are some exclusive choices to go through and find the business of your dreams.  

Bankers Deals

It’s a deal-discovery platform for quick and easy merger and acquisition deals sourcing globally. It’s where you can interact with buy-side firms and sell-side advisors. In short, you have massive opportunities to market a deal and discover a right partner. Here on Bankers Deals, you can find who to merge with and acquire opportunities across 24 industries.  

It has an edge over other platforms for being able to keep discussions confidential. The subscribers receive notifications of real-time updated opportunities. Furthermore, this network allows them to directly contact the entity offline or online for discussing deals. This is all because of SaaS-based and mobile-ready application. It has real-time preference and deal-driven algorithms that update subscribers about opportunities for M&A. Moreover, you don’t bother about data security and confidentiality because its two-layered authentication provides it a robust security. 

These all arrangements & authentication help with deal visibility. Advanced AI-driven SaaS models automatically filter unlikely buyers to keep them outside your initial buyers’ business listing. Even, buying-side firms stay tuned with upcoming deals. They can actively discover unique values on a timely basis. 

This platform is just a window to explore M&A deals, but not to replace deal discussions or physical meetings. The follow-up processes, such as conducting due diligence and share valuation, are not included in its domains. Instead, it’s up to the parties to decide if the deal is best fit and how to move to the next steps. 


This is another platform that serves a slightly different purpose. Flippa allows you to invest in a website and some digital real estate for acquisition. This is basically concerned with all activities that define a marketplace where buying and selling of online business (like eCommerce) turns easier. It lets you connect with buying or selling parties.  

This online network steps a step forward and assists in streamlining negotiation and share valuation for transactions. The rest functionality is similar to Bankers Deals, which are finding any lead live and bidding on any listing to get started with discussions.  

Here, you can find all KPIs connected with a specific deal, which are mainly related to web analytics. These can be traffic analysis, financials, demographics, channels, etc. For due diligence, it offers Flippa Due Diligence option. This is a relatively new feature that ensures assessment and certification solutions on buying any online business. 

There is another feature, which is a report. It comes for a price to explore risk assessments, pricing, competitors, industry, sales & marketing any other related areas for getting insights. 

Mainly, it is categorised in three variants:

  1. $1,000 for 1 year of the analysis period, recommended for $0-$30k price range
  2. $1,500, for 2 years, $30k-$200k price range
  3. $2,000 for 3 years, $200k+ price range


This is a very popular platform with 13K+ members online. This marketplace is q similar kind of platform, where you can sell your projects or up and running business or unused domains. Interestingly, it allows you to engage with businesses with complete security. But here, you need to pay for it (although the price is minimal). And then, you can think about paying out for an intended service.  

There is no limit for adding businesses, domains, and projects with this interface. Your listing is approved in a day or 24 hours. Once done, it’s like a cakewalk to negotiate with interested buyers, transfer assets, and make transactions on IndieMaker.  

Likewise, MicroAcquire is there with 30K trusted partners. But, all of these platforms differ in certain aspects. Before selecting any of these or more, you should have a clear aim or idea about what you want to achieve. A few of them may not be concerned with all types of businesses (online and offline). For example, Motion Invest is related to buying or selling only online businesses. Perhaps, you might be interested in offline entity also. 

Therefore, it’s necessary to think about your goal, at first. And then, buy or sell any business online.  


You can easily find the best platform to buy or sell a business online. There are many networks over the internet where you can interact with deals or opportunities. A few of them are Bankers Deals, MicroAcquire, Motion Invest, Flippa, and IndieMaker. Likewise, there are many more that you can search.

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