Why You Need the Google Nest Protect Smoke Detector System

Google Nest Protect

The pace with which technology is able to create products that level up the amount of safety and security we have is impeccable. With smart devices such as smoke detectors, smart doorbells, smart lights and so much more, we are able to manage the security of our homes remotely and through our mobile phones.

Smart devices are really easy to use, especially for the aging population. All you need to do is install an application on your phone and connect the device to the home Wi-Fi network. Smart devices are usually battery-operated and require little to no effort in installation. The smoke detector is a great example of this, it simply needs to be placed on the ceiling and does its job smoothly after, especially the Google Nest Protect.

Introducing the Google Nest Protect

The Nest Protect performs multiple functions. It has a special split-spectrum sensor that can quickly detect any nearby fires, whether they are slow-burning or fast ones. It immediately sends alerts to your phone of when and where exactly it senses any smoke, fires, or carbon monoxide leaks – whether you are within the house or away.

A great feature that the Nest Protect is that it has the ability to be immediately hushed off if there is ever a false alarm after it sensed smoke which is probably not dangerous, such as food being cooked in the kitchen or of cigarettes. As opposed to traditional smoke alarms that keep beeping until they are turned off from the device itself, by which time they mostly operate the fire alarm and have the sprinklers activated as well as alerts sent in to the nearby fire station – the Nest Protect can be turned off with just a click. So if you’re cooking a meal that starts to smoke in the oven but there’s no danger, you can immediately turn the alarm off. It’s as simple as that.

Nest Protect Can Detect Carbon Monoxide Leaks 

When we mentioned that smoke detectors are a part of the family of Smart Devices that increase security, we really meant it. The Google Nest Protect can detect the presence of gas leaks such as that of carbon monoxide, and tells you exactly where it is just like it does with any smoke or fire it detects. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that can be fatal to humans and pets alike. 

Standard smoke alarms do not account for it, but smoke detectors sure do; especially smart ones. When they sense a gas leak, they alert you directly on your smartphone as well as to the people in the room with the built-in assistant to voice a potential threat detected. This one particular feature of voicing a threat any time it is detected is what makes this particular smart smoke detector stand out from all others.

Other Useful Features of the Nest Protect 

The Nest Protect lights up in warm, subtle light in the middle of the night anytime someone walks around. So if you wake up to go to the kitchen for a glass of water or even end up sleepwalking, the Nest Protect guides you by lighting up your path. It makes it safe enough for you to not trip over anything in the dark, and to even safely make your way down the stairwell.

Moreover, these smoke detectors like the Nest Protect have an approximate life of ten years and it doesn’t cost too much either. The Nest Protect is available in wired and battery-operated variants, both retailing for $119. Pretty affordable given the smart tech they feature, right? Consider this device an investment into the safety and health of your home and family.

With the battery-operated Nest Protect smoke detectors you would have to change the battery at least twice annually. Whereas there is an added advantage with wired Nest Protect smoke detectors other than not having to worry about changing batteries: when one alarm is set off, they all go off – so not only are you alerted to danger with a notification on your smartphone but with the alarm going off within the household too. 

Smoke detectors are usually the last of what is ever on someone’s mind. But they are crucial to install in every home across the country for obvious safety precautions, especially with what construction material is used in America that can easily be flammable if a fire ever erupts anywhere. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time you add the Nest Protect smoke detector to your cart! A home is never safe without having a couple of smoke detectors around, and what better one to get than the Google Nest Protect. 

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